11 April 2014

Microwave Poached Egg - The First Try

It all started with the above facebook post from Ellen.

Having my fair share of *ahem* experimenting with the microwave oven, I have come to learn never to put an egg in the microwave without first poking a hole in the yolk.

Hence, I got curious with this recipe that specifically says to keep the yolk intact.

So. Step 1. I got ready the slice of bread and lather it with a layer of mayo. Didn't have lettuce in my crisper and so I guess the end product would turn out slightly different. *shrugs*

Step 2. Egg. Checked. Mug with 1/3 full of water. Checked.

Step 3: Break egg carefully into cup WITHOUT breaking the yolk. Checked.

Step 4: Into the microwave on high for 1 minute. By the way, that's my Vietnamese coffee brewing on top.

Eh. How come the picture in the recipe is a Jupiter planet, mine is Saturn? Here's the problem. The transparent liquid in the middle is water or uncooked egg white?

Well, the recipe DID say that it is permissible to pop it back into the microwave to nuke it for an additional 10 secs to have it a little bit more cooked.

I was thinking heck lah..... a bit more cooked better lah. What is another 10 extra seconds on top of that 10 extra seconds?

And to quote my dear friend Ellen.....


The egg flew out of the cup and the egg white was plastered everywhere.

So Ellen, buy that air ticket and fly over. The microwave oven is not going to clean itself.

Afternote: Undeterred, I am going to give it another try this weekend. Perhaps with a hand on the power knob the next time round.

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