09 September 2014

Talent Uncovered

This is a video of Faith's drawing. It is a time-lapsed video capture and so no. She didn't draw THAT fast.

We started noticing her interest in drawing anime characters and her obsession with creating stuff on Minecraft. For those who have fallen behind in terms of technology, it's a digital low-res version of lego or nanoblocks.

Anyway, when we first saw her drawings, we were like...

... this kid's got a bit of talent. What I initially thought was just a knack coupled with hours and hours spent glued to youtube tutorials (which kinda explained her plunging grades in P5).

After watching this video, I stand corrected.

I don't recall us sending her to any art classes after school. I believed she just happened to pick things up herself.

I am impressed.

Perhaps yellow brick road is laid down for her already. Let's send her to arts school. Yes?

Who knows she may even be in the CGI FX team for Star Wars IX. Who knows?

p.s. I can see the generation gap getting wider. Gone are the days where it is just a pencil/pen and paper.

p.p.s. Perhaps I should get her to meet Grasshopper?

Image Credit:

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Well done, Faith!:) I'm sure people who are familiar with creepypastas will appreciate this character. But as what you said, this WAS done through software and not old skool pencil and paper, so I'm not sure if "arts school" is the appropriate place to develop this talent. But then again, maybe the modules nowadays go further tech-wise than what I imagine. In any case, there's definitely potential, and its great that you recognize it early:)


garylee402 said...

Impressive, got the father's genes. :P

JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Hor seh liao. Can act blur on saving for her college fund liao. buahahahaha.

garylee402: to be honest, I think she is more talented than I when I was her age and now as well.