24 January 2015

Miss Universe Freak Show

The national costume segment of the Miss Universe pageant is starting to be like a freak show.

I blame Brazil and I blame Victoria Secrets.

People must understand that only Brazil can pull off the Mardi Gras peacock thingie. Everything else would be a lame copy and WILL look STUPID at best.

Then we have Victoria Secrets with their huge angel wings during their lingerie show.

Now comes the ultimate disaster. Marrying the two AND slapping a national theme to it.

So without further ado, I present to you the Number One Guanyin-Buddha-Jesus-Krishna-OptimusPrime FACEPALM costume of Miss Universe 2014.

Miss Canada!

To tweet this in 140-characters or less.

It's a "14-hockey-legged spider with a goal post in between her legs".


Real classy.

The only consolation is to this is that our Singapore one was NOT LAST.

Our Discarded-TV-Antennae-Found-Behind-Sungei-Road-Hardware-Shop ensemble was narrowly beaten into second place.

Damn you, Canada!! Damn you! *waves angry fist*

Oh and by the way, I think our stars long time never water liao. All starting to wilt

--> Click Here to enjoy the rest of the circus.

Image Credits:
- Voxeros

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