21 February 2015


I love to run and am blessed to be living in the Punggol area where there are many scenic routes to enjoy.

The picture above is Punggol End.

The neighbour police post (above left) should be where the lone Shell Station of the old days used to stand.

The breathtaking scenery is just reward for an awesome run.

I have been encouraged to take up cycling but I baulk at the idea of splashing thousands of dollars on a bicycle and no place to park it, lest I risk theft by parking outside on the HDB corridor.

Don't even get me started on the clothes (my tummy and I look terrible in 'em tight spandex) and helmet that will set me even further back by a couple hundred more.

There is this organic element that I like about running. Just put on a pair of running shoes and off you go. Every single kilometer covered can be called your own. No assistance from any gears nor levers. You own every step of the way.

This morning's run was very good. I was making good pace with every km under 6:30 quite effortlessly.

Perhaps I should chart a new route to Punggol End and then from there via Punggol Road all the way back home. That should be a good 16km route.

Good preparation for the half marathon to come.

- Voxeros

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