22 February 2015

Timer Traffic Lights

There is one of these timer traffic lights outside my place.

It will only turn red when someone pushes the button to activate it. Otherwise, it'd be green all day.

At these traffic lights, we have, typically, three types of drivers.

The first will begin to slow down when they see you at the traffic light, anticipating a change in the lights.

The second will begin to speed up when they see you at the traffic light, in the hope of passing it when it turns amber.

And then there are the third kind. The overly optimistic assholes from a long long distance away, speeding up when they know they have absolutely no chance of making it but beat the red light anyway.

So here's what I'd do. When I pushed the traffic light button, I will raise my mobile phone and point at the oncoming traffic.

Don't need to do anything on the phone. Just raise it and point it. Simple as that.

You will see cars automatically slowing down and stop when the light turns red.


p.s. Never assume that all cars will stop when the light turns red. Start crossing only when the car(s) come(s) to a complete stop. No point arguing that you have the right of way from the hospital bed. Or worse, from the casket.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Lucky that's not a picture of my vehicle:P But I'd like to believe I belong to the first group of drivers hor...


JayWalk said...

Well, we can see it's a green light for the car and red for the pedestrian. So it's all good.