17 March 2005

My Gawd!! Is That Ur Anus?

"In 1781, Herschel became the first person in the modern era to discover a planet. He wanted to call it 'George', after the British monarch, but was overruled. Instead, it became 'Uranus'." - A Short History Of Nearly Everthing - Bill Bryson

Uranus ..... Ur Anus ..... is it me or do I sense a smack of bitterness, subtly embedded? I wonder... hmmm.....

If Herschel was a Singaporean....

H: I want to name the planet after my boss. Liddat year-end appraisal confirm sure damn tok kong one.


H: Nah beh. "Georgium Sidus" kena rejected. People all say me angkat bola. Cannot use "George" si boh? Cannot my kar chng lah. Ne'ermind, I will come up with another name. Confirm people all kena jialat jialat.

H: I shall name it Uranus.....
- Voxeros
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Thursday, 17 March 2005 2:04 pm


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