11 October 2006

Meeting At Newport Beach


During my last trip, I mentioned about a drive down to Newport Beach for a meeting . Well, I was there today again but before anyone associate the word "Beach" with fun, it was not. It was a meeting with my legal team.

Here's the interesting thing that I noted and it was the fact that my attorneys were quite surprised at my fluency of certain laws and lingo.

All thanks to my Law 106 module back in NTU, I was able to talk to them about the various forms of misrepresentation, statute liabilities as well as my knowledge in the Sales of Goods Act (SOGA), albeit slightly different under US Law but the gist is generally the same.

Perhaps what I hadn't foresee when I was taking the module more than 10 years ago, was that one day I would be using it in real life application. I was glad I didn't take the module lightly as merely a reluctant requirement towards graduation. Perhaps I was lucky in the sense that I did have an interest in the subject that I studied for the sake of acquiring knowledge rather than just mugging for the exams.

I have 2 teams of attorneys. One in the West Coast in California and another in North Carolina, working from the East Coast on the same case. Both the West Coast attorneys and I agreed that my East Coast attorneys are not performing up to expectation and as such we decided to put them (East Coast) on notice and may be suing them for malpractice on the grounds of incompetence. From there, we may sack the entire East Coast legal team and replace them with a new one.

Getting lawyers to sue lawyers. How's that for drama?
- Voxeros

1. Leonard left...
Thursday, 12 October 2006 4:42 pm ::
phew, lawyers to sue lawyers, it will be a tough one and lengthy battle if both lawyers are equally good. keep us update if this battle do happens!

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 16 October 2006 7:51 am ::
Leonard: I do hope to avoid a battle if possible. Everybody loses when things get escalated up to the courts.

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