06 December 2006

XBox vs Carton Box

Well, caught this picture of Gabe having fun sitting in a carton box. It's nothing fancy but a mere humble little brown box that we decide to keep for a couple of days before chucking it out with the rest of the trash.

I was just thinking that kids these days have toys that are so fancy that we would never even dream of when we were kids. Toys these days have better packaging, graphics, sound, feel, technological sophistication.

Does that mean that when we were kids, we had less fun?

The best toy a kid can have is the power of the creative imagination. It makes me wonder if game consoles like Microsoft XBox or Playstation take that away from the child.

Somehow, all the scene building and story boarding are all created by the script author and force fed into the child. Whatever happen to letting the child explore, create and learn new things on their own? It seems all you need to do these days, is flick on the switch, stick the child in front of the screen and that's it.

I seriously think we need to get these kids out into the sun and let them run free with a kite or a ball.

- Voxeros

1. akk 'kiam kanna' left...
Wednesday, 6 December 2006 12:00 pm
I am prepared to give as many cartons as I can to my future kids...i can't be having with buying too much toys. they cost!

2. Zhe Bin left...
Wednesday, 6 December 2006 12:48 pm
I used to have a lot of fun with playing scissors paper stone lor. So, it doesn't really matter what you are playing, if you are having fun. I would say that pressing a few buttons and watching unreal characters do unreal stuffs boring for me. Kids should really be out in the sun. But but but, why are all the adults doing all their stuffs in the room. ; )

3. Pam left...
Wednesday, 6 December 2006 6:35 pm
with the 'new ways' of play activity for children, it's no wonder that a whole new generation are growing up with less creativity, fatter and more lethargic and so on! get them out in the outside air... it's good for them. esp if the neighbourhood is still safe. over here, when D was growing up, everyone walked to school or took the bus by themselves.

nowadays, parents drive their kids to school, even if it's nearby for fear of rape/attacks and murders, and kidnapping (seriously). kids don't play in the garden now because of 'allergies' and so on, and neighbours don't play with neighbours anymore because people aren't friendly. it's a whole new world...! scary.

4. aloe left...
Thursday, 7 December 2006 8:56 am
Although I did not grow up in a kampong, I think those times are ze best! Kids are left to their own and played with other kids in whatever scenerios they can think of. Arwww.... friendships are trully made then.

Last time, mine was "I want", then "CANNOT!" and if you persist and even start crying, you still would not get the toy. Last time, we were happy playing with sofa cushions, kites, legos, five stones, hopscotch... Now it's "i waaaaannnnttt....", then giving a pityful look and the kids will get what they want. After playing for a short time, it's put aside and a new "i waaannnt...." will start.. Sigh....

5. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 7 December 2006 1:11 pm :: 
Akk: We bought a plasma tv a few years back and the box was huge. We wanted to paint it into a little house for Faith but grandma throw the box away. Damn.

ZheBin: Coz doing it outside the room will get your arrested by the police for gross indecency contrary to good public order.

Pam: And don't even let me get into the amount of sun screen smothered onto the kids...

Aloe: Ah yes, I remember using the loose cushions of the sofa and building a couch fort. Great fun.

6. Rachel left...
Friday, 8 December 2006 4:31 pm
My girls also like to play in carton boxes. They will invent stuff like "taking the bus" or "castles and princesses"..

7. ris left...
Saturday, 9 December 2006 10:48 am
kids nowadays are too lazy to think of what to play with, they just ask for toys and dont come up with creative uses for it... cartons are fun! but really stuffy ~_~ i used to play in those super huge boxes and cut out little windows so that i could spray people with a water gun as they walked past xD

8. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 9 December 2006 1:12 pm :: 
Rachel: Hi Rachel! Welcome to the blog. And yeah. So do I when I was a kid myself where the box could be transformed into a plane, a bus, a train or a ship. All it took was a little pinch of imagination.

9. JayWalk left...
Monday, 11 December 2006 6:50 pm ::
RIS: My time, we got poke holes in the box to let the air in lor. I remember bringing a torchlight inside the box as it was quite dark inside.
Too bad, cannot install aircon. Damn hot!

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