05 December 2006

Sian XMM Episode X

Just a little background information on what was going on in order for you folks out there to catch what this conversation was all about.

C.O.O.L, hawk and I are football fans and we were all gathered together to watch last Sunday's game where Manchester United played Chelsea. This was an important game between the two team whom were both currently occupying First and Second place respectively, in the English Premier League.

Anyway, while we are all watching the same game, three of us were in different places. C.O.O.L was in Singapore watching the game on SCV, hawk was in Malaysia watching the game on Astro while I have Cantonese commentary on Guangdong Sport Channel.

Because of the fact that we were all receiving the game via satellite, it is not uncommon to have a time lag at different locations. In hawk's unfortunate case, he was 2.5 minutes behind us i.e. we are watching the game 2.5 minutes ahead of him.

Read the chat log side by side where the group chat is in the left column while C.O.O.L and I were hatching our evil plan to fake a goal and confuse the hell out of hawk, in the right column.

< Group Conversation >
Session Start : Sun Nov 26 23:22:18 2006

[00:09] hawk: my Astro is slow
[00:09] hawk: at least 2 and 1/2 mins behind

[00:09] C.O.O.L: now is 6.40 mins into the match

[00:09] hawk: it is 5.28 mins
[00:09] hawk: for me

[00:09] JayWalk: 7:09 mins now.
< Private Chat With C.O.O.L >
Session Start : Mon Nov 27 00:10:58 2006

[00:10] hawk: it's are in the future...and telling me what will happen

[00:10] C.O.O.L: 7.30 mins

[00:10] hawk: 6 mins

[00:10] JayWalk: and ch1na is supposed to be the backward country . lol

[00:10] C.O.O.L: 8 mins

[00:10] hawk: 6.34 mins

[00:10] JayWalk: gary: i am 3 secs behind.
[00:10] JayWalk: eh.

[00:10] C.O.O.L: ??

[00:10] JayWalk: want to play a trick on hawk?

[00:10] C.O.O.L: what

[00:10] JayWalk: we say goal!!!! giggs score!!!

[00:10] C.O.O.L: and then

[00:10] JayWalk: he has 2.5 minutes to find out that we talking kok lor.

[00:10] C.O.O.L: okok

[00:10] JayWalk: hahahah

[00:10] C.O.O.L: you start the cue first

[00:12] JayWalk: oh shit!!
[00:12] JayWalk: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[00:12] C.O.O.L: yes..
[00:12] C.O.O.L: 1-0

[00:12] JayWalk: Giggs!!!!!!!!!!!

[00:12] hawk: really? who?

[00:12] C.O.O.L: giggs score..

[00:12] JayWalk: woo hoo!!!!!
[00:12] JayWalk: wait wait.. watching instant replay now.

[00:12] C.O.O.L: nice build up sia

[00:12] JayWalk: sloppy defending

[00:12] C.O.O.L: i donno what was terry doing..
[00:12] C.O.O.L: able to let giggs score

[00:12] JayWalk: hahaha.... hawk confirm now blur liao

[00:12] C.O.O.L: lol

[00:12] C.O.O.L: this is a nice chat for your blog

[00:12] JayWalk: yah man... kekeke..... but i will save this for next week. after rff week

[00:12] C.O.O.L: haha

[00:14] JayWalk: wah... restart kick off, chelsea fast and furious siah....
[00:14] JayWalk: playing damn rough now....

[00:14] C.O.O.L: ihawk.. you manage to catch the goal??

[00:14] JayWalk: i am laughing like mad now....

[00:14] C.O.O.L: i also

[00:15] JayWalk: ihawk suddenly all quiet liao....

[00:15] hawk: watching my game

[00:15] C.O.O.L: ok

[00:15] JayWalk: orh.

[00:15] hawk: the goal still hasn't happened on my tv.

[00:15] JayWalk: wahahahahahahahaha

[00:15] C.O.O.L: lmao

[00:15] JayWalk: stomach pain.
[00:15] JayWalk: hahahahahaa

[00:15] C.O.O.L: hhahahaha

[00:15] JayWalk: time to tell him?

[00:16] JayWalk: eh hawk,
[00:16] JayWalk: BLUFF YOU ONE LAH!!

[00:16] C.O.O.L: hahaha

[00:16] JayWalk: ouch... stomach ache siah....

[00:16] hawk: too much....bish

[00:16] JayWalk: hhahahahahaha

[00:16] C.O.O.L: i laugh until tears come out sia

[00:16] C.O.O.L: yeah..
[00:16] C.O.O.L: i cant stop laughing

[00:17] JayWalk: this is going to be on my blog.....
[00:17] JayWalk: let me save this.....

[00:17] C.O.O.L: hahahaha

[00:17] JayWalk: *tears*

[00:17] hawk: 'knocku

[00:17] C.O.O.L: stomach cramp

Session Close : Mon Nov 27 02:03:47 2006

Session Close : Mon Nov 27 02:03:47 2006

Ok ok.... so hawk isn't exactly a Xiao Mei Mei but it goes to show that I am an *cough* equal-opportunity kinda guy. With this, nobdy can accuse me of sianing XMMs all the time.
Well, unless XMM also stands for Xiao Man Man. *pengz* 

- Voxeros

1. aloe left...
Tuesday, 5 December 2006 9:18 am
Hallow... this cannot be counted as sian XMM epi x lah! The person is not a XMM, nor even a gal.... Arh Bish!! Some more, you two are playing a prank on the person based on the satelite speed and not cos of the person's own blurness. Arh Bish! 不要硬硬特意去筹成十个 xian 小妹妹 episode leh. blee!
Come on... one more to go... =P

2. sunflower left...
Tuesday, 5 December 2006 9:20 am
you is bad!

3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 5 December 2006 9:22 am :: 
Aloe: Wah raoz.... at the bottom I got write maybe this one is Xiao Man Man mah.... Aiyah, this type of thing cannot force one lah.. if by end of the year have one more, no reason not to put it up just for the sake of keeping the number 10 right?

Sunflower: Muahahaahahaha. *evurl*

4. Gary left...
Tuesday, 5 December 2006 7:25 pm
jay, you forgot about the fact when the real goal happens, ihawk dont believe sia..

5. aloe left...
Tuesday, 5 December 2006 10:06 pm
*shake head* Xiao man man... poor guy.. I wonder if he reads your blog... whahahah!!

6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 5 December 2006 10:32 pm ::
Gary C.O.O.L: Well, I left it out in order not to make this blog entry too long mah. Besides, the first time was the best lor. kekekekekeke... I wonder if he read this blog?

Aloe: Only one way to find out. Wait to see if he comments here or not lor. Hee hee....

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