04 December 2006

Sian XMM Episode IX

Just when I thought I have failed in my quest for 10 Sian XMMs episodes this year, I am happy to report that I've got them sewn up and in the bag!

It's funny how when you are looking all over the place for the last 2 episodes to write about, they are nowhere to be found and just when you least expected it, WHAM! Two of them back to back on your lap.

Like what I always say about buses and taxis in Singapore...

... one come, all come.

Anyway, I shall spread these two episodes over two days in order for you to digest each one properly and also give me the chance to slack off a bit since I don't have to come up with another blog entry for Tuesday. Ngek ngek ngek......

Yah lah. I is Singapore Idle, can?

So without further ado, I present to you the first of the last two episodes.


Session Start : Fri Nov 24 09:18:30 2006

[09:28] Maraschino Cherry: he* is like hot water
* refering to a common friend. We were discussing what kind of beverage would best represent us.

[09:29] JayWalk: eh?

[09:29] Maraschino Cherry: he just has to come close and you feel his personality
[09:29] Maraschino Cherry: like heat
[09:32] Maraschino Cherry: you?
[09:32] Maraschino Cherry: hmmm
[09:34] Maraschino Cherry: must let me think

[09:37] Maraschino Cherry: mean time hor
[09:37] Maraschino Cherry: wat drink you think i am?
[09:37] Maraschino Cherry: milo? kopi? teh?
[09:37] Maraschino Cherry: heheheeheh

[09:38] JayWalk: ribena.

[09:38] Maraschino Cherry: huh?

[09:38] JayWalk: sweet
[09:38] JayWalk: my mother say is good for me.

[09:39] Maraschino Cherry: i SWEET!!!
[09:39] Maraschino Cherry: muahahahahahahahah

[09:39] JayWalk: can i have some?

[09:39] Maraschino Cherry: best lah!

[09:39] JayWalk: yes, but not too much. :(

[09:39] Maraschino Cherry: u very jidan

[09:39] JayWalk: hahahaha
[09:40] JayWalk: thank you ... thank you......
[09:40] JayWalk: ngek ngek ngek.....

[09:41] Maraschino Cherry: you are like CENDOL!!!!

[09:41] JayWalk: ah?

[09:41] Maraschino Cherry: increase blood pressure!!!!
[09:43] Maraschino Cherry: also full of local flavour (read: beng)

[09:43] JayWalk: hahaha.....
[09:48] JayWalk: ok ok... you are like NYDC Elephancino.
[09:48] JayWalk: big cup.

[09:48] Maraschino Cherry: i'm big and fat??!!!**
** This is where she gabra liao.

[09:48] Maraschino Cherry: aarggghhhh!!!
[09:48] Maraschino Cherry: *burst into tears*
[09:49] Maraschino Cherry: dun luan luan categorise me leh!!!
[09:49] Maraschino Cherry: be serious!!!
[09:49] Maraschino Cherry: *whack*

[14:28] JayWalk: you heard of  大悲咒 ?
[14:28] Maraschino Cherry: wat wat?
[14:28] Maraschino Cherry: ring tone??

[14:29] JayWalk: you is more likely "大杯" 咒.
[14:29] JayWalk: hahahaha

[14:30] Maraschino Cherry: wah lau.....dun like that leh
[14:30] Maraschino Cherry: haiz....

[14:31] JayWalk: ok ok......

Session Close : Fri Nov 24 14:35:11 2006

Session Start : Tue Nov 28 21:29:37 2006***
*** 4 days later....

[21:29] Maraschino Cherry: chendol wu di boh?

[21:29] JayWalk: elephancino!!

[21:29] Maraschino Cherry: aaarrggghhh!!!
[21:30] Maraschino Cherry: choujidan!!!

[21:30] JayWalk: hehehehe

[21:35] Maraschino Cherry: jidan... huge-ass kopi drink liao

[21:36] JayWalk: not huge ass lah. Big CUP

[21:36] Maraschino Cherry: hahahahhaah
[21:36] Maraschino Cherry: OOOHH! ****
**** Note the time and date this joke first started and the time and date now that she finally caught it.

[21:36] Maraschino Cherry: is that what u were meaning all this while?!
[21:36] Maraschino Cherry: hahahahahahahah

[21:36] JayWalk: you mean all along you thot i say huge ass har?
[21:36] JayWalk: NO LAH>>>>>>

[21:36] Maraschino Cherry: wah lau!!! i so upset!

[21:36] JayWalk: i already say Big Cup

[21:36] Maraschino Cherry: i tot u so mean, hahahahaa
[21:37] Maraschino Cherry: ya lah! big size everything!!

[21:37] JayWalk: wah raoz.... ol' ye of little faith.
[21:37] JayWalk: bish

[21:37] Maraschino Cherry: *humbled humbled*
[21:38] Maraschino Cherry: but really, the elephancino cup?

Session Close : Tue Nov 28 22:41:33 2006
 - Voxeros

1. cher left...
Monday, 4 December 2006 3:41 pm
ur editing skills CMI lah, so many other bits in between u never put out, no wonder i read the exchange I also tot I sound like an absolute airhead. That is, until I went back to msn history to verify.

In any case, i'm neither small nor being sian-ed. And you are still exasperating, bad for health and filled with funny green bits. ahem.

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 4 December 2006 8:02 pm :: 
Cher: Oh please. The bits were deliberately left out for your protection ok? Quit while you are ahead is what I'd say.
So *bleh*

3. hitomi left...
Monday, 4 December 2006 8:55 pm
I think I kn who leh... :-P

4. JayWalk left...
Monday, 4 December 2006 9:27 pm ::
Hitomi: You know, I know can liao. Keep it to yourself ok? Shhhhh.....

5. hitomi left...
Monday, 4 December 2006 10:05 pm
I need to be bribed! ;-)

6. JayWalk left...
Monday, 4 December 2006 10:14 pm :: 
Hitomi: Well, in that case, you are blackmailing the wrong person. I will get Cher to get in touch with you on this one then.

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