06 February 2008

Fire Aftermath At The Monte Carlo

Earlier, I mentioned about the fire at Monte Carlo just a couple of days before I was to head into the city of Las Vegas itself.

So naturally when I arrived at Las Vegas, I was eager to see the extent of the damage first hand. Initially, I saw nothing amiss except that there was no traffic coming in and out of the hotel, all thanks to the police cars blocking the passsage ways. A look up at the building showed no signs of fire damage either.

Initially, I thought that perhaps they did a quick "liquid paper" cover up job like that of Ch1na Airlines, only to realised that I was looking at the building from the wrong side. Instead of the Strip side, the damage was on the highway side as I later found out while returning to the hotel, hence traveling in the opposite direction and on opposite side of the hotel building.

Investigation reports points, albeit unverified yet, towards welding works carried up in extremely dry and windy conditions. I hope the workers up there were unhurt.

So anyway, it was said that they are going full speed ahead with the restoration work and should be back in business in time for the Super Bowl weekend.

Let's wish them luck.

p.s. Click on the picture to get the full enlarge to see the fire damage in greater detail.

- Voxeros

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