07 April 2008

Dumbass Of The Week VIII

AsiaOne Motoring (03 Apr 2008) - Park Here At Your Own Risk

Xtralicious brought this article to the attention of the CowBoyBar where a car was vandalised as a result of the dumbass driver double parking and blocking the street.

Apparently, somebody (possibly a fellow driver who got blocked by her) ripped off both her side mirrors and scribbled a note (see picture) on the car's bonnet with a marker pen.

To that I say:

Nicely done. Stupid Koteks like this need to be schooled one time solid solid. 

Bullshit #1

"...Said Mr Lau: 'Because of the renovations, many of the residents had also parked their vehicles there.

'It was fully occupied at the time and she didn't know where else to park...."

For the uninitiated, Sherwood Towers is adjacent to Bukit Timah Plaza where the old Bukit Timah Yaohan supermarket was. Right next to Beauty World where Clementi Road and Bukit Timah Road meet. The fact that she lives with her parents suggests that she is definitely no stranger to the vicinity and to say that she didn't know where else to park is just a lame lazy ass excuse to not wanting to park further. There are ample parking spaces in the area, of which the most obvious would be the one at Chun Tin Road next to the stretch of sarabat kopitiams where night birds frequent the place for their pratas and teh tariks. The car park there is relatively big in the sense that one could almost always get a car lot there and the fact that she reached home at around 2am in the morning would mean even greater chance of finding a space to park.

Bullshit #2

"...Said Mr Lau: 'I acknowledge that she was wrong to have parked in such a way, but technically, smaller vehicles were still able to drive past her...."

Technically my ass! Wrong means wrong! Trust me, it takes more effort to rip off two mirrors and pen a message on the bonnet than simple careful maneuvering around her car. To evoke such a big reaction only suggest that the car was most horrendously parked in a way that create such a big hassle for everybody.

This is self centered-ness at it's best. For the sake of one person's convenience, the entire street of parked cars around her has to suffer for it.

Even if Mr Lau was accurate in saying smaller vehicles were able to drive past her, then what about the bigger sized cars? What? Whole of Singapore only have smaller vehicles har? You think this is Republic of QQ har?

Think about it. The Honda Fit is already a small car. How many cars can you think of that is even smaller than that?

Count herself lucky that her windows weren't smashed for good measure and it rained.

Bullshit #3

"...But vandalising someone's vehicle is totally out of line and challenging the law..."

And illegal parking isn't challenging the law? This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. While I don't condone vandalism, but this is a unique case where the car was damaged as a result of an earlier misdeed. Sure, vandalism is against the law but I am happy to see Street Justice being served as the Police got better things to deal with like trying to catch the Mas Selamat fella than to have to deal with idiot parking of a stupid dumbass brat.

Had she parked the car properly like a good civic-minded person, would she have gotten into this predicament in the first place. I am glad that Mr Lau said that they have both learned their lesson. Yes, vandalism is against the law and people should not take the law into their own hands but in a way some good did come out of this.

On another note. To have to get the police to deal with this type of stupid nonsense is just plain wasting of public resources, which to me is the bigger crime here.

I wonder if they will get CSI to dust the mirrors for finger prints, send the bonnet for handwriting analysis and send a team of investigators to sniff for witnesses?

How much would that cost the tax payer? 

Image Credit: 
- Voxeros

1. Gary left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 9:15 am
three words for her: orh-be-good. it was also publish in the papers. they are just plain lazy to find a further parking lot away from the condo. wonder was it any harm in walking a few more meters away?

2. PMG left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 9:22 am ::
Well. I don't think it is right to take the law into your own hands though. I just take pictures and send them to Town Councils and/or Traffic Police. Just because someone broke the law doesn't mean you can break it too. Makes you no better than the other person.

3. aloe left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 9:48 am
The person must be mightily pissed off to do it. However, if it did happened to me, I would be cussing and swearing at the person and might call the traffic police. Definitely not to the extent of vandalism bah.
"this is not the first time the car has been vandalised" => I wonder wat they did to cause the first vandalism.
You know, she could actually have woken up earlier to drive the car to a "better" location or even ask her parents mah. Why the h*ll does she wan to ask her bf to come all the way down to help her move the vehicle!! Gosh!! pampered gal...

4. spinnee left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 11:06 am
to be honest, i was thrilled to see this 'cuz that driver deserved that!!
she should be fine/cut points for parking at such a way too!
and yes... if i'm the person who have broke those windows etc... i will make sure my fingerprints are not left at scene. and i believe that person won't too. HAHAHA
all hail justice!!!

5. Cherie left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 2:11 pm ::
agree with you... all bullshits and she IS at fault, but dunno whether "she deserves it" is the right thing to say~~ =D

6. Pam left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 11:10 pm
rather uncivilised don't you think? The vandal I mean. sure, the person shouldn't have parked illegally or whathaveyous, but surely it doesn't warrant such aggressive, uncouth behaviour? what comes to mind, pot kettle black.

7. JayWalk left...
Monday, 7 April 2008 11:36 pm :: 
Pam: I say the score is pretty even. Not as uncivilised as the errant parker. Pot calling kettle black indeed which means that the errant driver have no grounds to complain that her car got vandalised.

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