21 May 2008

School Gone Wild

I read in disbelief that someone actually (or purportedly) spiked the school kitchen's water supply with ecstacy leaving all the students stripping off, climbing walls or laying on the floor laughing.



Ok ok..... then it led me into thinking that perhaps we can learn something from here. Remember my previous entry (F*ck, Singapore!)? Let's spike our Polytechnic and University water supply with Spanish Fly!! And given that the water supply come from Malaysia, how about asking our Northern Brothers to throw in Tongkat Ali as well!

Consperm everybody score A* one.

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- Voxeros

1. aloe left...
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 10:03 am
Jay kor kor wanna strip off??!!! @_@ Wah!!!! Where to go to watch strip show har? =P

2. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 12:47 pm :: 
Aloe: You want har?

3. starm|st left...
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 3:37 pm ::
you need cold showers. you and cowboy both need cold showers. er. not together though, unless.....

4. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 3:23 pm :: 
Starmist: Join us and we'll make it a threesome, ai mai?

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