02 May 2008

Staydee Lah! Brudder!

Was reading this in the papers where Prince William landed a bladdy helicopter in his girlfriend's backyard to haolian.


Other guys just showed up in their Porsches, Ferraris or even Bentleys and Prince William? No.......  it was a friggin' Chinook!

Not one of those small small choppers that you see Donald Trump flying around New York in but lagi better. It's a twin propeller Chinook!

Win liao lor!!

Yah lah.... people complain that it was a waste of taxpayers' money to pull such a stunt for personal purposes but you have to admit, this guy do things really got style.

Personally, I'd rather prefer royalty with a dash of flair (within limits, of course) rather that one of those boring John Major types like his dad Prince Charles.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. Chocolate gal left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 5:44 am
Wah~~~ *swoons*

2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 8:55 am :: 
Chocolate Gal: well, your side there a bit cramp to land a chinook. what say you go KeMing school field and wait for your Prince William?

3. cakie left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 9:10 am
send me a pigeon i happy liao.
what more a chinook?!

4. Ruok left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 9:40 am
Gives a whole new meaning to the expression "fly helicopter"

5. rn left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 10:28 am ::
they have a royal allowance, so all this falls under it I guess. They are not allowed to spend outside it. Usually they just depend on their own assets... but the royal allowance is prob quite decent.

6. Chocolate gal left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 11:48 am
Long gone were the days when Keming can host 4 soccer games in one go.. now, a condo is sitting on those fields...

7. Posh left...
Friday, 2 May 2008 12:41 pm
he is so romantic le..... *swoons*.... sigh.....

8. merryfeet left...
Saturday, 3 May 2008 3:07 am
Got looks, got youth, got KA-CHING, got style. Pilot somemore! yeah. i *swoon* too!

Cakie: dun wan pigeons lahh, later the same guy let the pigeon fly away how? Fang ge zi =.= hahaa.

9. Pam left...
Saturday, 3 May 2008 3:39 am
has no one wondered about the size of her backyard?!?!?! :)

10. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 3 May 2008 8:08 am :: 
Cakie: Don't pigeon lah. Wait the bird shit on you then you know.

ruok: Given that the RAF has Harrier jets which allows the plane to land vertically, it won't be long before Prince William "fly aeroplane" liao.

RN: I don't think this stunt comes from their allowance. It is taxpayers' money here since this is part of a legit exercise except that the rules were bent slightly.

Chocolate Gal: Well I hope that this condo has a big rooftop for the Chinook to land then.

Posh & Merryfeet: Has this been any other rich guy who is also a pilot, just not a prince, I'd bet it would be different since I think you girls are enchanted by the idea that because he is a prince, you could be a princess like in the fairy tales.

Merryfeet: Fang ge zi!! Literally! LOL!

Pam: I noticed her backyard from the various photos. Big siah!! Must be rich girl also.

11. cakie left...
Sunday, 4 May 2008 5:46 pm
ok la. dowan pigeon.
gimme a siew ngoh *salivates*

12. aloe left...
Monday, 5 May 2008 9:26 am ::
No doubt lomantic, but using 'official hours' and tax payers' $$ to do this is wrong wrong wrong!! =( Rich vs rich then is considered compatible *cough* mah. cakie > I also wan! can share? =D

13. JayWalk left...
Monday, 5 May 2008 5:19 pm :: 
cakie: Is that all it takes to make you wet........ with saliva? :P

Aloe: Yah lah.... using taxpayer money to sian xmm is wrong lah.. but admit it, damn stylo right?

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