07 October 2008

Lost In Translation VIII

There is a hotel that was just newly opened next to the factory and they have a western coffeehouse type of restaurant where I went to check out recently.

As I was browsing the menu, I couldn't help but facepalm massive when I saw it.

I shudder to think if my Musl1m customer were to order the Tankao Small Cattle Row (first item). If I am not wrong Tankao is hanyupinyin translation for charcoal roast and small cattle row probably meant beef ribs.
Bad translation aside, the Ch1nese equivalent description says French styled pork chop.

OMG! Pork!!

I wonder who is the moron that did the menu?

Massive Epic FAIL!

Enjoy the rest of the menu for a good roll of the eyes.

- Voxeros

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