30 October 2008

$traits Times vs Agnes Lin

A couple of days ago, The $traits Times published an article about an undergraduate girl who appeared to be oblivious to the value of money.

As a result, a huge furore was raised in reaction to a person of such spoiled upbringing.
I got wind of this news via Xtralicious blog entry on the same topic which I added the following earlier in her comments.

"I just feel that the whole news is a tad too tabloid-ly sensational. I am skeptical about the accuracy.
Perhaps a new low for the $traits Times?"
 - JayWalk # 28 October 2008 at 7:34 pm

Initially, I was thinking to myself that even if hypothetically, this Agnes Lin were to be so spoiled as the article has made her out to be, surely she would not have been so stupid to tell that to a journalist of a national newspaper? Surely, she would have foreseen the backlash by the reading public, had she not held her tongue?

So the fact that she "confessed" as the article made it appear so, just made it very hard for me to believe.
Two days later et voila. The Online Citizen (TOC) published an exclusive article debunking the accuracy of the $traits Times piece.

With lame excuses peppered all over the interview of the author of the original piece (Nur Dianah) by the TOC, it appears that certain facts were conveniently omitted to direct the piece into another direction, portraying Agnes Lin as an unforgiveable brat.

Innocent negligence or just intentional character assassination?

Then again, some may say that there is no smoke without fire and so perhaps there is that little element of truth in the piece except that it was sensationalised beyond proportion?

Here's what I think must be done. These two will have to duke it out in court. Given that our courts have so many years of experience in this libel/defamation field (think Lee vs this opposition member, that foreign magazine etc), let's put this case to the test.

This should answer a few questions on our minds.
  1. If Agnes was so aggrieved, would she sue? If no, why not? If $traits Time is deemed to be at the losing end, would they hush Agnes up via out of court non-disclosed settlement?

  2. If Agnes chose not to sue, why not? Is she as what the article has indeed said about her? Or was she paid off by the $traits Times already?
  3. Who is telling the truth here? Agnes or Nur? Mind you, it has to be noted that both side would definitely come up with a version of the same story that serves their respective interest the best. So just because TOC did interviews of both side and it seemed to point in favour of Agnes Lin, take it with a pinch of salt as nothing in there qualifies as concrete proof.
  4. Does the judiciary system works as well for the non-elite common folk as far as libel/defamation is concerned?
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1. sunflower left...
Friday, 31 October 2008 12:17 am
This will be interesting to follow!

2. Rachel left...
Friday, 31 October 2008 4:52 am ::
When Zheng Xi of TOC and I first discussed the article, we thought the journalist must have very artfully stroked her ego to get her to talk.
To tell you the truth, I am so sceptical and cynical now - that I am trusting nobody until I speak to Nur Dianah and Agnes Lin themselves.
So yes, let's wait and see if Ms Lin will be suing.

3. JayWalk left...
Friday, 31 October 2008 9:29 am :: 
Sunflower: Well, this will be hard to follow coz there is that chance that the $traits Times may not publish the follow up if the situation has gone totally against them.

Rachel: You guy at TOC will also have to do a bit of self reflection and ask if he had be totally objective when writing that piece or was there an axe to grind against all things gahmen? Don't tell me the answer to that question. I don't need to know. It is just a question for the TOC author to think about it.

On another note, given the short termed memory of Singaporeans, Agnes Lin included. This may be forgotten even before she files defamation/libel charges.

4. grasshopper left...
Saturday, 1 November 2008 12:00 pm
I feel this ST writer is a typical writer for the ST who has no style or personality. The article was written in very very generic sentence structure (like mine! haha). BORING. When I read the original article it's like something any one could write and make up. No originality, reality or point of view.

5. Vandalin left...
Tuesday, 4 November 2008 6:53 pm ::
got f87ked over by Nur Dianah as well in a previous occasion. the girl is just out to piss off everyone isn't she?

6. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 5 November 2008 11:49 am :: 
Grasshopper: True that but what worries me more is the lack of integrity in the words that they print. I wonder how they are able to sleep at night knowing what they wrote can and would ruin somebody's life, even if at the end of the day, the news turned out to be untrue?

Vandalin: What? You too? What happened?

7. THB left...
Wednesday, 5 November 2008 1:37 pm ::
Both are attention seeking whores...

8. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 5 November 2008 8:53 pm ::
THB: As far as I am concerned, I don't think have enough information to pass judgment on them as individuals.

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