13 October 2008

YaShan LingYan Temple

Was in JiangXi over the weekend to visit my satellite factories and we were pleasantly surprised to reach our destination in a little over 4 hours than the 6 to 8 hours as originally budgeted. We set off at 7am in the morning only to reach our lunch point at 9:30am.

Given we were way ahead of schedule, we pushed on and decided to have lunch at the destination instead.
The road development of QQLand is really astonishing as the last time we headed up was just over a year ago. At this rate that they are going, when the highways are fully completed (still a section under construction this trip), we can reach our destination is under 4 hours easy!

So the first day was spent having meetings in between alcohol-fueled lunches (or rather food-fueled drinking sessions) with the local officials who were very very very very warm with their hospitality.

The next morning enroute back to ChangAn (470 km) away, we made a detour to visit the YaShan LingYan temple (丫山灵岩古寺). The temple is located in the woods mid-way up the hill.
The temple was built during the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD) and that makes it over 1000 years-old. The temple has since undergone 4 re-buildings in order to survive to this very day. The first three was during Ming Dynasty (1457 - 1464), Qing Dynasty (1858) and again Qing Dynasty (1880). The most recent (1996) was the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution and being a temple i.e. one of religion purposes was target for destruction by the Mao-led Commun1st Party.

It was quiet and serene when we got out of the car. My GPS says that we were 369m above sea-level (Bukit Timah Hill is 164m) which explained the cool crisp of the morning air.

There were only a handful of visitors and everyone was mindfully quiet as we soak up the solemnity of the place.

An elderly lady was at the door seat at the desk which made shift as the ticketing booth. RMB 3.00 (SGD 0.60) to go in.

There were many deity statues in there ranging from many Buddhas, Bodhisattvas as well as the 18 LuoHans. As we explored more of the place, there were many rooms with more deities in them from private prayer sessions.

We saw how the monks live their daily lives as the daily time table pasted on the wall dictates that they wake up at 4am and go to bed at 9pm every day. Haircuts are free if you are interested. The monk-in-charge would gladly be of service but only one style. Botak.

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* Due to poor lighting conditions (very cloudy weather), the HDRs came out poorer then expected. Apologies. 

This tree is a Class I Heritage Tree as classified by the QQLand gahmen.  In order to qualify as Class I, the tree has to be more than 300 years old.

According to the sign, this is a LuoHan Pine tree and a look up at the tree from below, you can see many bird nests perched on the branches.

Given the tree is at least three hundred years old, it makes one wonder how many generations of birds as well as the total number of them, grew up and leave the nest from this very branches.

A life-giving tree indeed.

And from the birds, we look at us humans as how many generations of us as well as the total number have enjoyed the peace and serenity provided by it's shade as it stood there steadfastly and modestly, swaying gently and almost quietly to the breeze.

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

1. Ophelia left...
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 1:47 am
I like your HDR photos. Nice job.

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 9:44 am :: 
Ophelia: Hi and welcome to the blog. Admittedly, these HDRs aren't my best. You may wanna go to my flickr set to view the rest, they are definitely much better.

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3. Ophelia left...
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 12:31 pm
Thanks for the link. The rest of the HDR album is as great.

4. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 2:44 pm :: 
Ophelia: Thank you. I'll try harder to tackle the tricky HDRs in low lighting.

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