30 November 2009

Curry Pok Expedition

Sheylara posted this plurk ( about her aunt's curry pok stall. I'd bet my last dollar, it was targeted at me knowing I have a weakness for them little curried delights.

You evil Sheylara! Purposely want to make me gian one right?

Alas, I succumbed to temptation and....

The taste of curry poks were ok. The crust, even when just freshly made, was a tad soft (soggy) to my liking but I am glad there weren't chicken chunks in them like Old Chang Kee and Tip Top to make the entire curry pok eat already sibeh jelat one.

What I do like is the generosity of the filling as it was filled to the brim unlike some of the Malay varieties having more air then potato inside. That type eat already will get angry one!

If you can only have one, I would recommend the sardine curry pok instead. It's got a slight spice kick that traveled all the way up to my scalp and itch. I looked inside and whoa! Red and green chilli inside! No wonder! iRike!!

Click below for more details of my curry pok expedition.

Lucy Eating House
(corner stall directly under the Carlsberg rotating sign)
Blk 226C Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

- Voxeros

1. Sheylara left...
Tuesday, 1 December 2009 7:25 pm ::
I neber!!!
But thanks for supporting my aunt's shop all the same! :P It just so happened that for the past 2 weeks, TGF has been having curry pok cravings also for some strange reason. Haha.

2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 4 December 2009 12:02 pm :: 
Sheylara: I should be thanking you! It was a fun "expedition", the discovering was the fun part. Good curry pok is an added bonus.

usually when there is a small quip tied to something, it'd be more interesting lor.. e.g. hmm.... so this is Sheylara's auntie's curry pok. nom nom nom nom.....

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