14 November 2009


OK, I know we have Fail Blog for this sort of pictures but I got these from my cousin Nick (still no Facebook account. Oi! Faster hurry lah!) which I thought some of them were hilarious.

Thought I share them here even though they may have been circulated to death on the intarwebs.

... and he steadies his breathing as he is about the take out the bad guy currently holding the little girl hostage....
You give me Trojan Horse??!! Limpeh send you one Airbus 320 give you die!
....and the Kenwood ProTalk TK-2200LV2P joins the ranks of formidable weapons like 圆月弯刀,屠龙刀,倚天剑 and 孔雀翎。。。
Must be x-ray binoculars.... coz can see through the lens cover one.

USA would have been a better place had the girl on the left been President instead.

Speowling FAIL.

I think his insurance premium next year confirm sure hong kan liao.
Food stupor after a donut binge.

Note to self: Stay away from coffee.

Image Credit: Unknown
- Voxeros

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