21 February 2010

The Fourth Door - Part 2

In case anyone is wondering about the suddenly silence of the blog over the last few days, I was in Ta1wan.

Door #4. I have decided to step in. The meeting in Taiwan was to discuss terms as well as general work plan.

Well, looks like there is a slight change in plans in both location and scope.
Work-wise, I will handling a larger portfolio that will involve trade and marketing covering Asia-Pacific and the US, instead of just the two sides of the Ta1wan Strait.

As a result, I will not be deployed beyond Mordor. Well, not this year at the very least.

Instead it will be slightly nearer and much more metropolitan. Oh yes and less freezing too.

I shared this news with a friend of mine this afternoon and her first reaction was to ask me to be wary of the women there.

"Aiyoh, I tell you ah. You better be careful. It doesn't matter if you are interested in them or not. But hor, if one of them set her eyes on you hor, you are finished lor!", unquote.


I think she meant that in the negative sense.

And that brings me to a joke about the ladies, told to me by a fellow expat many years ago.

Q: What do you do, if you are looking at them (the ladies) and you inadvertently blinked?
A: Check your wallet. 

I was able to laugh back then but now that it is going to be up close and personal, it somehow don't feel as funny anymore.

To be honest, I was considering Door #1 initially but as the days passed, I started to feel that the people behind that door were not sincere about the offer and that the earlier meetings were just one big charade of patronisation.

Screw them.

So make a guess. Where am I heading?


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- Voxeros

1. Sunflower left...
Monday, 22 February 2010 1:31 am
When I was reading all the doors you blog a couple weeks ago, I was thinking, it doesn't matter which door you eventually choose. Most imporatantly, I think, you will do your best in whatever door you step in.

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 6:05 pm :: 
Sunflower: Thanks. I hope everything will pan out well.

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