03 March 2010

QQLand Revisited

For those wondering where I have disappeared to, I headed back to QQLand.

After a good couple of months of rest, it was decided that I should head back there where my skill sets and experience are actually worth some decent moolah. It great to be back to a place where people appreciates what I have to contribute.

Gone are the days of working for idiot boss and moron colleagues (sans a few good ones).
Welcome to the major league.

I did try to find something back in Singapore in order to stay close to family and friends but alas doors weren't open or the offer just doesn't make cents at all. Worst is the asshole company that didn't even have the balls to tell me no. Cowards.

So anyway, I have been here a few days already. Accommodation is settled.

Had to arm twist the folks there into getting me a QQLand mobile sim card as well as wireless network on a borrowed laptop.

I am working from a coffee table seated on a sofa.

I don't have an office yet as I am slated to be based in another city which will happen sometime later half of this year. I guess my table and chair will show up when we move office in 2 weeks' time.

I need a neck massage from all that awkward sitting posture.

I am happy albeit missing everybody back home.
- Voxeros

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