01 May 2010

How To Build An Airplane In 2 Minutes

More cool stuff.

Anyway, Southwest, despite being a budget airline, is actually one of my favourites. It's all about expectations actually. When you take a Full Service Carrier (FSC) or an Low Cost Carrier (LCC), you have different expectations for them respectively.

So believe me when I say, Tiger Airways sucks monkeyballs. AirAsia is better by a mile even with the landing gear still down.

Yes, Southwest is an LCC and so do not expect all the frills like proper meal service, in-flight entertainment, etc.

What I do like is the efficiency of their operations. Boarding and disembarking is always so fast that you would be fooled into thinking that perhaps the passengers have had a boarding/disembarking dress-rehearsal earlier.

The best part are the crew who are GENUINELY friendly and not plasticky. Even the PA announcement by the Captain is like a comedy talk show at times.

Captain: Good morning folks. Welcome to Southwest Flight 380. This is your Captain, Captain O'Sullivan speaking. Have you guys bought your insurance? I just renewed mine yesterday....

Safety briefing are a joy to watch as you don't have two mimes standing in the aisle acting out the narration as a third attendant monotonously read the script off the manual somewhere behind in a dark recess.

Everything is off-the-cuff and yet every safety information as required by the FAA was not missed.
Now this is really knowing what their stuff.

OK, not that I am gushing about Southwest nor am I able to guarantee every flight is like that. I guess I am lucky to have an enjoyable flight each and every time I fly out of LAS, SJC or ONT.

I hope my luck continues although I am not expected to set foot on US soil anytime soon.

- Voxeros

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