12 October 2011

Bloop Bloop Bloop

This was so tragic that it was actually very funny.

Had they said that they were launching their new submarine, they then wouldn't need to scoop up such a big piece of disaster crap. If only they learn this from the Royal Malaysian Navy earlier.

At 17 million RMB for a ship that can't even float, one can't help but smell the reeks of cut corners and grey area accounting. A friend quipped that the officials should have been on board the ship when it launch so that they can all go down together.

Do watch the video. Very tragically funny. I hope nobody got hurt though.

I only have 2 words to describe this.

Gua gua...........

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- Voxeros

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Gary said...

when the boat submerged in water, the officials didnt even bothered to pull it up. *shake head*