06 October 2011

Steven Paul Jobs 1955 - 2011

Though I am not a fan boy of Apple, one cannot deny the remarkable achievements that this man has contributed to modern consumer technology.

I have had a few Apple products in my time ranging from the Apple ][e to iPod and then the iPad.

I remember the era where we use to punch a hole on the opposite edge of the 5-1/4-inch floppy just so we can use the other side of the diskette.

Commands like PR#6 (boot from floppy), PR#3 (activate printer), PR#2 (active Software Automated Mouth (SAM)) seemed like it was only yesterday.

I remember my first use of the mouse on the Macintosh and how much grief it gave me as I run out of table top to move the mouse.

Ah. Memories.

It was a time when Apple was heading towards ruin when Steve Jobs single-handedly turned it around into one of the greatest company in modern history.

The Lisa, Apple III, Apple II GS all tanked and thank goodness for iMac (the very first of the "i" series) that turned the company around. It was a genius product where you just need to get the iFruit out of the box, plug in the power and the telephone socket and you are good to go.


I remember one of the pet peeves of the iMac is that it eliminated the 3.5" floppy drive and introduced the LS-120 mb drive instead. That, in the end, was my impression of Steve Jobs and subsequent Apple products. Great idea of a product BUT there will be that one stark thing missing deliberately to self-sabotage what could have been the PERFECT product. One that would kill all competition in a single blow.

I remembered my first iPod (5th Gen). How I loved it and at the same time how it drove me nuts coz it does not come with a FM receiver.

I also remember how everyone was swooning over the first iPhone only to have to bitch about the lack of MMS and copy & paste.

Why? Why always stop a step short of reaching Gadget Nirvana? Why?

Still, life goes on when the bitching stops eventually.

Speaking of life going on. Steve Jobs' legacy will go on too hereon.

Rest In Peace
Steven Paul Jobs
24 February 1955 to 05 October 2011

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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