22 October 2011

Can CSM Do No Wrong?

Daphne's tweet got me thinking what I felt was a very good question.

The way I see it, as long as he remains in the limelight, he will continue to do good.

We have seen how the other politicians are where as soon as the spotlight is no longer on them, they slack off.

Over the last decade of two, our political apathy has given our incumbent politicians a free pass to 为非作歹. 一手遮天.

During the election period, when the media spotlight was on each and every one of them, you see how they are so on the ball doing this and that and this for the people.

Now that the media attention has faded, do you still see them as goodie as before?

For the case of Chen Show Mao, the media attention is still very much on him, not from the mainstream media but from his own updates on Facebook. Perhaps that is the very fuel that keeps him going and as far as I am concerned, I say he is doing a great job at it.

Keep it up and come the next election, he will get to keep his seat.

Well done, so far. :)

Image Credit: Facebook - Chen Show Mao
- Voxeros


BBBBBBB said...

Yeah I also read about how he visited the funeral wakes in his district to give condolences to the family. He is one of the rare statesmen to really get social media. :D

JayWalk said...

I believe LTK does that as well for all these years.

Not sure about the Potong Pasir and PAP side though.