11 January 2012

Kids Getting Too Soft

I read with despair about a mum who called the police to lodge a complain against her son's school for cutting his hair.

Seriously? Call the police? What do you expect the police to do? Charge the school principal for aggravated assault?

Kids these days are getting too soft for their own good. The kid is so traumatised that his asthma acted up?

Just because of a haircut??

First of all, hair length policy in the school should have already been established since day 1. It is not exactly that the boy was caught by surprise.

We knew our 2-by-4  guideline during my secondary school days. No one disputed that and when the errant boy was spotted with long hair, it is a trip down to the school barber. No question asked.

So how is it that having proper short hair for boys is now such a big travesty?

The mother also one kind. How is the boy going to grow into a man with all this mollycoddling?

I fear when he serves National Service. He is going to be prime candidate for a blanket party, unless the boy is slated to give up his Singaporean citizenship and skip National Service altogether.

Then again, given the all these kids are so soft these days, perhaps the WHOLE FRIGGING PLATOON / COMPANY / BATTALION / BRIGADE / DIVISION / ARMED FORCES will be filled with all these softies.

I shake my head.

Then there is the MOE who is too coward to stand up to the parent. If there is a breach of discipline, hair length in this particular case, the ministry should have back the school up to uphold it.

Seriously, if hair length is such a big issue for the kid, then perhaps the mum should consider transferring the son to a private school or international school. I heard these schools do not have a hair length regulation.

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Gingerbreadman said...

this is called super over-reacting. Now his classmates will be laughing at him all the way

JayWalk said...

Really no eye see lor....


JesuaFreak said...

maybe his classmates all giving him the ^5

JayWalk said...

I don't know about that though.

If I were the kid, I think I will kena suan until jialat jialat.