18 January 2012

Wrong System Of Pay Will Get You The Wrong Team

There has been much talks over Ministerial Salary after the review committee has revealed their recommendations.

While I appreciate the fact that the exorbitant salaries has been brought down significantly (pending passing of the legislation), I feel that the number is still a bit off from what I felt would be a fair number.

Chen Show Mao reveal that his Worker's Party proposed a monthly SGD 11,000 for an MP, SGD 55,000 onward,  to SGD 99,000 for the PM.

This, I felt is the correct level of pay that is enough to provide a very good living for the office bearers and yet at the same time not 劳民伤财.

I disagree that to have the pay cut to WP's proposed level is such a big sacrifice that it creates hardship for the office bearers. Mind you, SGD 11,000 per month will provide a very comfortable living and do not forget that we have to multiply this for 60 months, totaling SGD 660,000 before the next election. Do a good job and this 60-month tenure may be multiplied by a second term or more.

At the very least, it is ONE GOH CHOK TONG PEANUT to bring home even for a lousy job.

I concede that having money is a good thing but it will come to a point where the next dollar will not bring you the utility of the previous. There is only so much rice one person can eat after all.

The way I see it, please spare me the bullshit of lower pay not being able to attract good enough candidates to run the country.

Chan Chun Seng's $10 carrot cake analogy is seriously flawed where if the carrot cake quality is good, $10 is a fair price to pay and that if the quality is bad, even $1.50 is a bad price to pay. On the surface, it may sound logical but do look at it again and deeper this time, who says a $1.50 plate of carrot cake is guaranteed to be bad?

So a word to all the "aggrieved" MPs and Ministers. If this reduced pay is causing such pain to you, I suggest you refuse the job and resign. I am sure there are just as many candidates out there who are just as capable, if not more, willing to take over and accept a more decent level of salary.

Public Service is a calling. Get that drilled into your brains.

"Wrong System Of Pay Will Get You The Wrong Team".

Yes, PM Lee, for once, I absolutely agree with you.

We definitely got the wrong team because I felt our current system of pay is wrong.

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