11 December 2012

Broken RockRiver

This is my lazy casual walk-about shoes. Was.

I find it hard to go out in flip-flops as I find it too sloppy. Even sandals is a 50-50 for me. Something about open toes that I feel naked walking out in public.

Hence, the RockRiver shoes that offers both covered but well ventilated toes and no needing to wear socks.

Well, it was Sunday and for once, I managed to wake up early to head to the gym for the first time (in the morning that is).

However, when I reached the gym at 8am, it was closed. I did not know that my gym opens from 10am. Perhaps I took it for granted (from my Singapore gym days) that gym opens from 6am (some from 5am).


So, in lieu of the 10k that I was planning to run, I decided to walk back to my apartment which is about 3km away.

Then the shoe died en route as I hobbled and dragged my way home.


Goodbye RockRiver. It was short-lived as you survived for about a year. For RMB 130 (SGD 26), I didn't expect longevity from you. It was fun spending two whole days walking all over the Forbidden City with you.


- Voxeros

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