03 December 2012

RunForFunds 2012 - December Update

It's the time of the year where we have the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012.

As per tradition, Adrian has an update on RunForFunds.

Read below:

1. The Good News

RunForFunds, in its 9th year, celebrated our first fruits of success this year.

  • Alfle Lim, an award recipient at the inaugural (Maximize Your Potential) MYP ceremony in 2004, scored 7A’s and 1B for his 2011 A-levels.

    He will be reading law @ NUS after he completes his NS.

  • This year, Tan ZhiWei (now @ Hwa Chong), also from the inaugural batch of MYP, is taking his A levels.

    He is confident of doing well.

    I look forward to celebrating his success at next year's MYP award ceremony.

(You can find the new RunForFunds page on facebook. Picutres of MYP cermonies are posted.

2.  The Bad News

Now for the bad news……….I’m not running this Sunday and probably not anytime soon.

I’ve been training since July for the army half marathon in Sept and this Sunday’s run.

Have been clocking respectable times too.

But I suffered a bad back strain 2 weeks ago that hasn’t gone away.

It’s the back nerve compression injury (that cause sharp pains down the leg) that I sustained several years ago.

Doctor says I should stop running and start swimming

So in essence, I will not be running for funds in the short term and will look to some of you to take over the running (and I co-ordinate).

Maybe I can do “SwimForFunds” next year.

The problem is...... I don't like swimming !!! :-)

3.  Extra $6,000 Needed To Keep MYP Going For Another 3 Years.

The MYP fund which we injected 3 years ago into GMSP has been depleted.

To keep MYP going for another 3 years, the teachers @ GMSP have budgeted $22,000.

The RunForFunds bank account as of 25th Nov 2012 is SGD 17,582.89.

So I hope to raise $6,000 this year for RunForFunds Fund to continue the good work for MYP (funds in excess of $22k will cover contingencies).

So folks, I look forward to your continued support for RunForFunds.

If you’d like to contribute to this cause, please email me and I will provide payment details.*

Thanks all for making a difference in the lives that we touch, one life at a time.



* Important Note:

We do not solicit funds from the public. If Adrian or I don't know you in person, we will not be able to accept your contribution. We will thank you from the bottom of our hearts but we cannot accept any contribution for legal reasons.

As for the rest of my family and friends, drop me a note in private if you are interested to help out.


- Voxeros


Adrian said...

Bro, thanks for plugging rff. 9 years and you are still going strong. Macam Johnny Walker :-)

JayWalk said...

Going strong we will.

I look forward to next year where we make it to the BIG TEN!