10 December 2012

Look At This Instagram

Spotted this on CollegeHumor which I thought was awfully funny. I am guilty of some of the stuff mentioned myself and the Barflies would all know whose pair of "Vacation Feet" those belong to!

What I also discovered that this music video is available from iTunes for USD 0.99 which baffled me. Why pay money when you can simply goto CollegeHumor's website and watch it for free?

Really no logic.
- Voxeros


TK said...

posting here before RN does

Ruok said...

Dang I not first

JayWalk said...

TK & ruok: hahaha you two damn kachow!

Anonymous said...

Gib you all chance once in a while. Cannot always win, wait nobody wants to play with you:P


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Heh.