18 July 2013

Fast Food Restaurant In Da Hu

When someone says "fast food", we think of McDonald's, KFC, Burger and the likes but over here in QQland, it usually mean food court or simply one giant mega economic rice stall.

So anyway, this fast food restaurant opened recently just outside my place and I like the name of this restaurant which I thought was rather witty.

It's 筷食代. The word means chopstick which obviously is a hint that this a a restaurant. 食 itself means food which further verifies that.

Put them together and you get 筷食. It doesn't mean anything but the pun play is that it sounds like 快食 which translates directly into fast food.

Et voila! It's a fast food restaurant.

Now we put the second word and the third word together and we get 食代, which again doesn't mean anything except that 食代 has the same pronunciation as 时代 (literally translates to times or era).

For those readers of this blog from Singapore, I am sure you are familiar with Food Republic. Proud Singaporeans may be glad to know that Food Republic has since branched out beyond our shores and is presently very successful in Hong Kong, Taiwan and QQland.

So obviously adopting "食代" in its name is a flattering wannabe of the successful 大时代 which is actually the Chinese name of Food Republic.

Hence, the English name of 筷食代, Fast Era.

While all is well and good with the brand messaging plastered all over the place, I spotted this on their front door.


I read it as "Bastard".



- Voxeros

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