16 July 2013

USB Table Fan III (Well... Not Really)

Remember the demise of my first USB table fan?

Remember I got a replacement on the cheap?

Well, here's the thing. The cheapo replacement lasted one week (well, 4 working days to be exact) before it died.

The motor couldn't take the abuse of 8 hours, 4 days straight.


So anyway, I decided to spend a little more and get a more decent fan.


Table Fan III for a princely sum of RMB 34.00 (SGD 6.80), including shipping.

I put a pen in the photo to give you a gauge of the size of this little fan.

Only difference is that it is not USB powered. It's a full fledged 220V AC plugged-in fan.

Originally, I wanted to kiap kiap the fan to my cubicle partition but realised the base (also the clamp) is heavy enough on it's own.

So there.

My new table fan which I hope can last until autumn.

Fingers crossed.
- Voxeros

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