19 July 2013

Roof Logic

There is this fruit wholesaler outside my office that I pass by everyday.

Then one day, I saw them unloading a new batch of fruits to restock their inventory.

As they were unloading the fruits, packed in plastic crates, empty crates would start to pile up as they begin to accumulate.

What happened next took me by surprise.

The worker simply did a Kareem Abdul Jabbar trademarked Skyhook and off the crates go into the air, over the signboard and onto the roof top.


No more crates needed to be disposed.


I really don't get this logic. Wouldn't it eventually come to a point where the freaking roof have no more space to take on any more crates.

Don't they need to reuse the crates again?

It really baffled me.

Why can't they just load then empty crates back onto the truck and take it back to the distribution center to reuse?

I took this picture (left) on a separate day as I didn't want to stand out too long in the rain.

This is what the back of the wholesaler looks like.

Definitely a better view of the crates piled up on top of the roof.

I wonder if the big stash up there aid the breeding of mosquitoes?

I have my doubts for after all these crates are porous and unlikely to be able to hold any stagnant water.

Perhaps the real worry is if all the crates would clog up the roof top drainage, if assuming that exists in the first place.


- Voxeros

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