19 March 2015

Singtel's Gushcloud Of Shit To The Brain

I believe Singtel CEO Ms Chua when she dissociated herself personally from the Gushcloud fiasco. The listed company is huge and she is just too far away from what's going on the social media marketing ground.

This. I am fine with.

"as the client's agency, we should have known better".

This. I am not fine with.

As the agency's boss. YOU should have known better.

"I am leading the change and guiding my staff on the values and principles on which we will rebuild trust and confidence." 

This is my main beef. That sentence appear to suggest that this was isolated to just an errant staff or two.

Oh please. How big is this agency that there is a possibility that there are actually people untainted by this?

Oh wait perhaps there is. That auntie that comes by once a week to clean the pantry?


"...guiding my staff...".

Really? As the old Chinese proverb goes, 上梁不正下梁歪.

Gushcloud can close shop already. It is a poisoned agency that nobody will ever want to deal with them again lest, they be tainted as well.

Either that or I have been misled by Today Online's article perhaps sooooo badly written that led me to misinterpret?


Anyway, enough about them, they take up too much of my blog page already.

Coming back to Singtel. I am not interested in all the apologies to the aggrieved parties.

I am interested to see the legal consequences.

What would be the penalty that will be slapped on Gushcloud and more interestingly Singtel?

Both M1 Singapore and Starhub should sue the bejeezus (and the granite kitchen sink) out of both Gushcloud and Singtel.

Then there is the Inforcomm Development Authority Of Singapore (IDA). Let's see the number of teeth they have in their bite. Let's see how many volts they have in their Zeus' thunderbolt. Let's see how badass they are when they release the Kraken.

Ok. Ok. You get the picture.

Or are they as just as useless as Consumer Association Of Singapore (CASE)?

Let's wait and see.

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