09 September 2015

SG Elections 2015 - Part 2

11. Chua Chu Kang GRC

All these while I thought it was spelt as CHOA Chu Kang. Oh well. #shrugs

Goh Meng Seng. The Party Boy of the entire candidates cohort. Worker's Party, then National Solidarity Party, now People Power Party. First Aljunied, then Tampines, now Chua Chu Kang.

This is what we call KLKK (kia lai kia kee). Walk Here Walk There.

Like a vagabond with no roots. I don't see how the constituents will allow him to come in. I have more respect for people like Kenneth Jayaratnam, Sitoh Yih Pin (pre-2011) and Lina Chiam who stuck around even when they were unsuccessful in their respective campaigns.

I don't see PPP getting anything back from this except the election deposit for where credit is due, this fella is GRC election sibeh old bird one.

PAP to take this GRC.

12. East Coast GRC

People say that this is PAP weakest ward. I disagree. It may not be the strongest but there are good things to say about the incumbents.

On paper, it appears from the article above that East Coast GRC has the best run ship both 2013 and 2014.

Lim Swee Say was one of two who was singled out for special mention during the National Day Rally 2015. A public endorsement like that is almost like a 免死金牌 or a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

Granted that there has been some comments, deemed unfortunate, during the rallies, he was merely reflecting the sentiments of many folks on the ground (whether you agree or disapprove, that's another debate another time, another place). Problem is that from a foreign diplomacy point-of-view, that was a damning faux pas.

The WP side, headed by Gerald Giam, pose a credible threat and this will be contested down to the wire.

It could go either way but I think PAP has that fasterer, betterer, cheaperer little extra to nose the tape ahead of Worker's Party.

13. Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

IMHO, I feel that this is the weaker PAP GRC compared to East Coast GRC. Vivian B did not endear himself the last election for his obsessive harping on Vincent Wijeysingha's gay orientation. This time round, it is flinging personal barbs towards Dr Chee Soon Juan. It actually reflects worse on Vivian B for seemingly petty and foolish enough to be lulled into Dr Chee's game.

After Sim Ann's speech Monday night, she has earned my most annoying candidate award. Yes. Even beating Han Hui Hui to that coveted award. (Click here -->

She also reminds me of a certain scary ex-Barfly but I digress.

If NSP Choong Hon Heng was SMLJ?! Then this one is SimAnnLJ?! (sorry. couldn't resist)

If PAP loses this battle, Sim Ann must hari kiri liao.

On the surface, Vivian B may appear to be PAP's lemon after the massive budget blow on YOG. His subsequent appointment from Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports to Minister of Environment and Water Resources was viewed by some as some sort of demotion (kena signed extra duty go jaga reservoir).

In the minds of many, we thought this one is "condemn sergeant" liao and perhaps not asked to run this election or maybe not appointed into the subsequent new cabinet. Well, the first is dispelled and the second remains to be seen (I think unlikely lah).

Alas, it was full redemption as he earned the spot of being the other of the 2 to be singled out for special mention at the National Day Rally 2015. I'd like to use my "Free Spin" now!

At the other corner, we have Dr Chee Soon Juan returning to contest after a 15-year absence. His eloquence at the rostrum is second to none and I dare say he is the best speaker amongst the lot. It is scary that he has achieve rock star status with his sublime performance on stage.

Would that translate to actual votes? Remains to be seen.

I have personally not forgiven him for the harm he has done to Chiam See Tong. The younger generations of voters may not be aware of the less-than honourable things that he had committed and the fear of the possibility of an SDP victory here is very real, especially with Paul Tambyah co-piloting in the wing.

Then again, the massive turn outs at SDP rallies, for all you know, is nothing more than bored people looking for a side show to be entertained. Once the novelty wears out, pragmatism kicks in with votes still going to PAP.

Some say this one is too close to tell as it can swing either way. I doubt it. I am placing my betting chip on PAP for I really do not wish the see Judas in parliament.

14. Jalan Besar GRC

While it appears that the Worker's Party is getting stronger, I reckoned this has to be WP's weakest team.

I think many will expect this to be a close fight. However, I believe Yaacob Ibrahim, Heng Chee How and Denise Phua have enough mettle to not only fend off the challengers successfully, but to surprise pundits with a stellar margin.

I'd go for a straight-forward win in favour of the PAP.

15. Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC

In football, we talk about a team's depth of squad and this is exactly SDP's achilles' heel. With all their strong candidates in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, this relatively inconsequential B-Team will not amount to much.

No worries as far as the election deposits are concerned as I do not think anyone has ever lost their deposits at the GRC level.

Incumbents to win.

16. West Coast GRC

This could have been PAP's first victory as early as nomination day, had S. Iswaran not pointed out Reform Party's mistake, on the nomination form, ahead of closing time.

My hat to Mr Iswaran, for that is certainly a class act.

Iswaran gets my vote. (Who says Chinese only vote for Chinese? Scrap the GRC system!)

While kudos to Kenneth Jeyaratnam for sticking to West Coast GRC despite last election's failure, I'm afraid he is going to be disappointed yet again. 3rd time lucky? We can only find out come 2019/2020.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree with your views on CSJ. I honestly dread the very possibility of this person actually winning the hearts and minds of young voters who did not witness the utter nonsense he was capable of in the early 90s. Had Mr Chiam been a better judge of character, the inroads made by the opposition then wouldn't have been derailed. As it stands, if people today are willing to give him a chance, then I will have to respect that. But you have been warned.


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: What we have learnt from past elections is that big massive turnouts at Rallies do not equate to the number of votes. Just look at how big WP's rally attendance vs PAP's. In the end, who still won?

Many of these folks are there to enjoy a good show. Let us not deny that CSJ speeches are very entertaining. However, entertainment value alone, I say again, does not translate to valid votes.

CSJ recruitment was most unfortunate. But it was during the early 90s. It was a time of political apathy. People voting for PAP on a no-brainer basis. No one wants to join opposition (well, no one of decent calibre). Everybody wants to be on the winning team. With GRC, you can easily stroll into parliament via the backdoor.

So one day, CSJ landed on SDP's doorstep. I would have done the same if I were CST at that time and suffer the consequences of taking in fool's gold.