10 September 2015

SG Elections 2015 - Part 3

17. MacPherson SMC

PAP Candidate Tin Pei Ling was scorned left, right and center during the last election for coming in via the back door in 2011.

Fortunately, Tin Pei Ling made good on her opportunity windfall by performing well as an MP for her constituents. The word around town is that her residents think she did a pretty decent job so far.

Such was the confidence of the gerrymandering gahmen that they felt comfortable enough to cut her out of Marine Parade GRC to let her run on her own. And likely, to win it on her own.

The opposition, on the other hand, will not win on two counts.

First is NSP Cheo whose sexist remark offended every female voter in the constituency. There are still male voters left, you say? Don't forget, these male voters' grandmothers, mothers, aunts, wives, girlfriends, sisters et al. are from the same pissed off female voter pool. Check-mate.

Second, in every 3-cornered fight, PAP always wins as the two bungling opposition candidates will split each other's votes.

A solo victory for Tin Pei Ling and vindication of her calibre despite her age.

18. Mountbatten SMC

We read from the news that SPP's Jeanette Chong-Audross put in a lot of effort trying to reach out to the residents. Alas, it appears that Mountbatten is too deeply PAP-entrenched that she gets stone-walled everywhere.

PAP to win despite a valiant effort by SPP.

19. Potong Pasir SMC

PAP captured Potong Pasir during last election and the upgrading projects started coming in. Bus routes improved, amenities added and Woodleigh MRT station finally opened.

So all the goodies have come in already. Will the residents say "OK, thank you much, Mr Sitoh. You can go home now." ?

I believe it was a shock for everyone in Potong Pasir that the Chiams lost the ward that they have been looking after for close to 30 years tirelessly.

The margin of just a mere 114 votes may be a wake up call for those who didn't take the election seriously. I'd bet they'd probably were thinking "OMG, what dafug did we just do??"

Lee Kuan Yew started the "repent" back in 2011. Perhaps the proverbial table is turned in Potong Pasir 2015?

Too close to call here but I am rooting for Lina Chiam to return Potong Pasir SMC to Chiam See Tong.

20. Radin Mas SMC

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Gossip in the grape-vine was that Han Hui Hui wanted to join Reform Party but was rejected as she was deemed too much of a nutcase for them to handle. In short, she was too kookoo.

Guess what happened next? She would purposely pick one ward where RP is contesting and made it her own 3-cornered fight. By now, we all know what happens to a 3-way, right? PAP will win.

Once again, HHH was crowdsourcing for campaign funds and by listing everything out, I can only assume that she is not going to come up with any money on her own. I would have respected her some if she were to fork out the election deposit and ask for money only for the other items like PA system for rallies, posters, banners etc.

PAP to win, Han Hui Hui to lose the election deposit, which she don't really give a rats' ass anyway. Not her money what....

21. Hougang SMC

The WP Ultras will be holding the fort steady while their brethren go forth and fight the Aljunied battle as well as all the neighbouring SMCs.

No contest here as WP remains victorious in the USA again.

Upper Serangoon Area.

22. Punggol East SMC

PAP sending in their Party Handyman, Charles "Mr Fixer" Chong to come and eat Punggol East orh luak. While he has been an effective fire fighter in the past. I doubt this guy is able to connect with the folks at such short notice.

So far, like PAP Tin Pei Ling, it is said that WP Lee Li Lian has managed her ward pretty well. As such, I believe her residents will continue to support her for another 5 years.

23. Sengkang West SMC

The columbarium saga was resolved by PAP Lam Pin Min but lest we forget it was the gahmen that screwed this up in the first place.

So how? Oppose the PAP for sneakily trying to squeeze a columbarium in and worse, gave the tender away without due dilligence? Or support PAP for it was da man Lam Pin Min who came in and save the day, appeasing all parties?

WP Koh Choong Yong had 42% during the last election and with WP's growing influence over neighbouring SMCs, it is possible that this ward may finally end up in the hands of WP.

The way I see this, PAP will still make it. I feel Lam Pin Min did well to clean up the gahmen mess.

24-29. Bukit Batok SMC / Bukit Panjang SMC / Fengshan SMC / Hong Kah North SMC / Pioneer SMC / Yuhua SMC

Paiseh. The remainder of the wards, I really not interested to look closely. Aiyah. Chin chai anyone win also can lah.

30 Pulau Uber SMC

Special mention goes to Shirwin "Sure Win" Eu. I like this guy. He is honest. MP is a good job and it pays well. 5-figure salary leh! Mai siao siao hor!

Too bad this fella never do his homework properly and was unable to get 10 resident's signature to qualify for candidacy.

Still, I feel it is a blessing in disguise for him as he saved losing $14,500 which means that at the end of the election, he will not be the worst-off.

Indirectly, he earned his first month's MP salary right there on nomination day. Correck or Corwrong?

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