20 October 2005

Just A Little Prayer

Just heard from Deek that JN's dad passed away. It was yet another case of lung cancer taking another good person away from us. The very same killer that took Auntie Quek back in May.

I may not have know JN's dad personally, but I would like to say a little prayer here for him.

Dear Lord,

I come to you as a humble servant as I ask for you to look after JN and his family in this time of grief. However, as much as it is sad to lose someone dear, it is also a relief that the mortal suffering and pain has finally ended. It is also a time for celebration as we know that you have taken JN's dad to a better place.

Lord, may I continue to ask for your blessing as well as protection over JN and his family at this time. May you lay your tender hand over them, tide them over this period of adjustment and lead them into the next chapter of their lives.

Over the years, You have placed many people, going down the path of fighting cancer, for me to meet. Be it a friend I had known personally, or someone dear in the family of a friend. For each and everyone of them, You have asked for me to pray for them. I did. I know You have been listening for they have all gone to Your house to be with you. It will be an endless cycle. For every person that passes on, You will place a new person for me to pray for. I am just going to keep doing that for I know that's what You want me to do.


- Voxeros

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