27 October 2005

Come Fly With Me - High Point Oct 2005 (Part 5)

As some of you have been following my "travelogue", I arrived at Atlanta airport 2 hours ahead of schedule. So far ahead in time that I had to wait a couple of hours for my host to show up.

So there I was sitting and firing up my laptop to watch a couple of movies. One thing about watching movies on the laptop is that the battery will drain. As I have been catching up on my shows at Greensboro airport and on the flight, I was left with about a hour of juice. It wasn't before long before I had to get off my arm chair and step to the opposite wall where there was a power outlet for me to keep the laptop going.

As soon as I plugged in my laptop at the opposite wall, an ang moh gentleman approached me if he could have my seat. The immediate timing probably suggested that he has been eyeing my arm chair for quite some time liao. I said yes thinking that I am stuck to the opposite wall anyway.

Lo and behold! He literally took the bladdy chair away. Wah lan eh, lim peh blur kee......

It kinda reminded me of my NTU days where I removed the canteen table from the lunch crowd (Goto Question. 4).

Ahh... karma has finally come full circle.

Anyway, here the picture of the empty corner after "my arm chair" kena kapoked. That's my luggage on the left.

On another note, we were at the gas station filling up the car and I decided to check out the mini-mart and get myself a drink. I picked up a bottle of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper to try. I think my taste buds kena overloaded jialat jialat as I can't taste anything else for the rest of the day. Sheesh....

- Voxeros

1. mihuatang left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 9:51 am
1) you cannot call your host to come and pick you earlier meh!
2) no pic of empty corner (without chair) leh!
3) Dr pepper - all the flying caused yr taste buds to go bonkers liao?
4) petrol in s1ngapore dropped 3 cts this wk.

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:00 am ::
mihuatang: 1) My host was driving from North Carolina while I was flying. So I had to wait for him while he was still on the road.

2) Try refreshing your browser lah. I can see it perfectly from here leh.

3) I have very acute sense of smell and taste. A lot of people can vouch for me on that.

4) Drop 3 cents but they take away the discounts right? sigh....

3. nadnut left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:33 am ::
i wanna try dr pepper!

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:38 am :: 
nadnut: Actually Dr Pepper is available in Singapore. I used buy them by the carton from Jason's Supermarket behind Orchard Towers.
I think they still have it.

5. Pam left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 4:18 pm
Bleugh... i can't stand Dr Peppers!! you can also get Dr Pepper at the cafe at the Raffles Hotel (what was called seah st deli - i don't know if it's still there). when was the last time i was home??!

6. mihuatang left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 5:24 pm
2) tks, can see now. 4) nope, discount still 6 pct. enjoy the rest of yr trip! (till end oct 05)

7. Lynne left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 8:56 pm
I quite like this new Dr Pepper, it's funky! Did you hang out on Peachtree? Happening eh? I dun really like Atlanta, roads are kinda narrow, people drive crazy and too many "hei de" (Mandarin) ... not being racist lah, but kinda scary ...

8. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 9:24 pm :: 
Pam: Yup, it's called Seah Streeet Deli and it's still there the last time I was back. The place where everything is good except the sandwiches coz the bread is rock hard.

mihuatang: Ironically isn't it. You can now see a picture with nothing in it. Same as not seeing the picture hor?

Lynne: Dr Pepper is my all time soda pop even if it mean paying SGD 1.00 per can back when I was still in Singapore.
By right, I shouldn't be drinking any more soda liao. Kena ban by my dentist. :(

9. mihuatang left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 9:40 pm
yes, the irony of it all. but can see your luggage and a partially hidden blue chair.

10. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 10:49 pm ::
mihuatang: You mean you guys can recognise my luggage?

11. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 27 October 2005 10:52 pm ::
Lynne: Peachtree.... hmm... Are you stalking me??!!??

12. Lynne left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 4:32 am
Haha, me not stalking you, just that Peachtree is the most "in" place in Atlanta wat, you should know. So "happening" and "hot", therefore you there right? ;)

13. JayWalk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 11:11 am :: 
Lynne: Just yanking your chain there. I didn't have the chance to go to Peacetree itself as these few days have been spent meeting with attorneys, clients and a bit of market research.
Maybe next time. Just maybe.

14. mihuatang left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 11:54 am
you said it yrself in the post: "That's my luggage on the left."

15. JayWalk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 12:48 pm :: 
mihuatang: Oh yah hor.... :P

16. akk left...
Friday, 28 October 2005 5:15 pm
wah lau...I read Drabble when it was featured in Sunday Life like....15 yrs ago?

17. thb left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 2:10 am ::
The Dr. Pepper thing seems good. Send one back!

18. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 29 October 2005 4:12 pm ::
akk: I read Drabble everyday. I have a subscription of it among many other comics like:
Dilbert, Big Nate, Pearls Before Swine, Pickles, Drabble, B.C., The Humble Stumble, Baby Blues, Marvin, Mother Goose & Grimm, On The Fastrack, Sherman's Lagoon, Zits, Triple Take, Bound & Gagged, Adam@Home, Doonesbury, Foxtrot, Garfield, Helen - Sweetheart Of The Internet, Non Sequitur, Shoe, Big Top, Pooch Cafe, In The Bleachers, Loose Parts, Compu-Toon, etc.. 

THB: Er... a bit too late liao coz I am replying this while on transit in Narita. Like I said in my earlier comments, Dr Pepper is available in Singapore at Jason' Supermarket. I have to warn you though, not everybody like it. My sis-in-law for example, hates it. Then again, she hates a lot of other stuff too, so I can't really be too sure. :P

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