06 July 2006

The Red Dot Awakens

I just realised something. Every time I write a piece with regards to local politics, I will always have a disclaimer, at the end, to the effect of "please don't kill/sue/buah-goo-yew me".

Then it hit me, when I woke up this morning. While Singapore is a place where we call home, it is unfortunately, also a place where we live in fear.

Is this the type of place that we want Singapore to be? A place where we live in abject fear?

mrbrown's column in Today newspaper just got suspended as a result of a recent piece that ruffled a few feathers at the Ministry for Communications, Information and the Arts. Looks to me that with this heavy-handed arm-twisting, the Gahmen is hoping to scare us back behind the line. Well, on the surface it will work coz I am already contemplating removing all my political posts or at the very least password-locking them. However, it will instill an even deeper resentment against the Gahmen for their high-handed arrogance and their aloof detachment from the people as they dwell in the comfort of their own exclusive elite world.

It is an irony for I am Pro-Gahmen (or at least I thought I was). Problem is that I know not anymore as the Gahmen is doing one stupid thing after another to undermine my conviction.

Do not get me wrong. I think the Gahmen has done well for the country since independence in 1965. This credit shall never be taken away from them. In fact, I can go on to say that it's the PAP that has taken us to where we are today. This is something that I will never deny. However, it is the style and approach these days, that doesn't go down well with me.

Arm-twisting and high-handed approach. Tactics that we normally associate with the mafia or gangsters. Ironically, we are seeing this from the Gahmen? 

What has become of Singapore? 

Why are we living in fear?

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- Voxeros

1. Pam left...
Friday, 7 July 2006 1:30 am
I think it's probably a chicken and egg situation. We want the freedom to write sensible reflections (ala Mr Brown type) and yet we want the security of being able to blame others (aka the gahmen) if things go wrong. It has to be either way, not both ways I think. so, remember the opinions that were flying a few months back about whether Singaporeans were mature enough or not? Perhaps we need to loosen the grip abit, but don't forget that we are after all humans.

I do wonder actually, whether the higher ups are actually AWARE of what those in supposed power (you know, the power hunger middling) are doing. For all you know, it might be a situation of someone in the Ministry clamping down without consulting the upper echelons. I hope this is the case - as opposed to the nightmare coming true of the real bigwigs ACTUALLY SANCTIONING such draconian behaviour and allowing such ill-thought through knee jerk reactions.

2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 7 July 2006 3:04 pm :: 
Pam: My guess it that it is actually the higher ups pulling the puppet strings here.
The fella Bhavani who wrote the slamming letter, in my guess, is merely the messenger. I doubt if she did it on her own accord. Quite a stupid move coz if the shit hits the ceiling i.e. enough Singaporeans feels unhappy about this to shake up the gahmen, Bhavani will be the first to be hung out to dry as the higher ups could easily deny any involvement.

Just like how Today's editors are hanging mrbrown out to dry, I wait with baited breath for karma to befall on Ms Bhavani.

Then again, I am guessing only.

3. Gary left...
Friday, 7 July 2006 3:55 pm
Older generations of Singaporeans are able to see that the government are, after all, running the country with no blemish on corruption or anti-government.. but the way i see, the younger generations are defying the government for more freedom.. think they watch too much tv or movies about how Uncle Sam speaks freely without problem.. they are trying to be like Uncle Sam.. but S'pore is still a conservative country.. Only thing is we can just say it out loud, but to print it black and white, the government will take a tough stand.. just a piece of my mind..

4. JayWalk left...
Friday, 7 July 2006 6:01 pm :: 
Gary: Hi Gary, welcome to the blog.
I can only agree with you to a certain extend. I agree with you that the older generations see that the Gahmen are "running the country with no blemish on corruption or anti-gahmen".

However, I wish to point out that between this older generation and the current younger generation, there is a middle generation where they are sooo comfortable with the gahmen running smoothly that they no longer bother about what the gahmen do. They are the "everything also let gahmen take care" generation.

With such a free rein, this is where the gahmen goes haywire to where they are today. And simply arrogant to rub salt in the wound.

While the current younger generations are not perfect (I agree with the watching too much TV/Movies part), they serve an important role of waking from this slumber and realising that something needs to be done to bring the gahmen back in check.

However, we are faced with resistance from the gahmen who are too cowardly to address the issues face to face. Instead, they cowed behind draconian laws to shoo you away.

5. Gary left...
Sunday, 9 July 2006 1:33 am
yes.. i agree on your points too.. if i could interrupt a little bit of your precious time.. you are not alone in voicing out what the government have done.. the scenario is just like what those helpless citizens are staying in a territory where gangsters demand their protection fees.. and obediently as the citizens are, they give the money.. and live their peaceful life.

pls take your time to read this blog.

you will be very surprised that this blogger will actually going over the line to voice out his view and not scared of 'bua gu yew' on his buttocks..

6. qa left...
Sunday, 9 July 2006 8:16 pm
just because the papers suspend his column, why should you all make such a big fuss, reading something sinister, arm-twisting, no freedom of speech.

Not that he is not allowed to speak, he can write whatever he wants in his blog, the papers has its right to do whatever it deems fit also..the gahment also have the right to reply

why not look at the content and the tone of what he wrote...

every time the gahment takes issue with what someone says, all the democracy and freedom gurus will say the same thing

they seem to think people can say anything without considering the responsibilities

7. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 9 July 2006 8:33 pm :: 
Gary: I do read Rockson but I suppose he can get away with it since he makes everything into a stand-up comic.

That being the case, I suppose the Gahmen won't be taking any action against a person (and his horse!).

Just like Bandung Vader and her blog that had entries against the races and Malaysians, how come she is not charge for sedition? The answer is simple. Even the Gahmen thinks that she is a bigot and an idiot. That being the case, she poses not credible threat.

Not mrbrown on the other hand is a different story. This man speaks what is on everybody's mind. The impact of this resonance can be quite formidable. Hence the Gahmen felt it necessary to pre-empt mrbrown by chopping his legs off before things get out of hand for the Gahmen.

qa: Welcome to the blog qa!

You hit my point exactly. Why make such a big fuss? mrbrown is merely a person on the street voicing out his concerns and his laments. Why go to the extend of chopping off part of his livelihood?
I am going to have a different opinion here. Making people disappear, cowed people into hiding, sue people into bankruptcy is not exactly my definition of Gahmen taking issue.

To me Gahmen taking issue is Gahmen taking a step further to elaborate their policies in greater detail, ensuring the ideas are communicated correctly across and achieving committed support garnered from the people.

THAT MY DEAR QA, IS WHAT SHOULD BE THE CORRECT "Gahmen taking issue with what some one says".

8. whateverstreet left...
Wednesday, 12 July 2006 12:54 pm ::
i made my own opinions regarding the issue and talked to a rather wise someone about it too. the someone told me that i need to see the bigger picture and that mb is not just "the average singaporean" whom simply has greater access to publish his thoughts and a bigger voice to reflect our thinking. he has the power to influence people. what the gahmen does is to come up with preventive measures to make sure that nothing of this nature as claimed by the MICA article "his posts... encouraging cynicism and despondency" will arise.

i really think the gahmen is baby-ing us all over again. their actions seem to suggest that they are scared that Singaporeans will just as blindly follow any bigger voice that we have been doing the same thing with our gahmen all these years. are Singaporeans such yes-men that we will be influenced so easily, such that we can't be exposed to any publications that do not necessarily with the gahmen's POV? correct me if i'm wrong.

9. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 13 July 2006 11:39 am ::
whateverstreet: Welcome back! Long time no see? Hor bor?
I agree fully with you that mrbrown is no "average Singaporean" and that he has the power to move and influence people.

What drives me nuts is that rather than having the courage to engage mrbrown on level terms, draconian measures (sooo convenient!!) are thrown at him at full force in order to silence him. That to me is a cowardly act. Certainly unbecoming of the gahmen of what could have been a great nation.
Knowing that mrbrown has this "special power", why not harness it for the good of Singapore?

Gahmen should instead address all of mrbrown's issues and do something positive about them.

With mrbrown's support behind the Gahmen, wouldn't he be able to influence the very same people to support the Gahmen too?

So according to you that the typical Singaporean would just blindly follow any bigger voice, what better than to lead these Singaporean towards the greater good of the nation?

Think about it.

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