02 July 2006

Shifting Goal Post

I know this article is a bit late given that I am going to comment on a newspaper article in the $traits Time$ dated 27 Jun 2006 (Click picture to enlarge).

But the truth of the matter is that I spent quite a number of days mulling over whether I should write this coz I really scared kena invite to go drink tea followed by a backside buah goo yew session in Changi.

So before I write anything hor, I just need to say that a lot of the stuff up front here. Everything I hear are from other people one lah. It is all one piece here, one piece there, collected over several years in kopitiams, void decks and sarabat stalls.

So if you ask me to identify my sources hor, I can only say, I really don't know. So many of them over so many years, where got remember all these things one? Some more some of these same rumours told by many people at the same time, so how I know who started what?

Anyway, coming back to this article about having this GRC system in order to ensure a "bao jiak" during elections, so that newly recruited PAP candidates would be willing to step into the political scene. I am thinking where got such thing one?

You mean to tell me that our PAP recruits all substandard and that when go up for election, all will kena shoot down? Looks to me that all these PAP recruits all bor chee. This is where I must give the opposition credit. Don't scared win or lose. Just go up and fight first. This are the type of garang people we need. Not the guniang ai mai ai mai type. But that is not to say that we welcome reckless characters. Garang Leader and Stoopid Rambo hor, are 2 different types. Surely a party as astute as PAP would be able to spot this during their screening tea session.

On the inside, I think PAP got problem liao. This "GRC Pao Jiak scheme" type of thing hor, you know, I know, then keep quiet mah. Wah raoz.... go and say it on newspaper for f*ck!!?? People already damn du lan you over this GRC thing liao. Now you blatantly go and tell the whole world that you not only shift goal post but also shift until sibeh song?? Wah lan eh.....今天是不是又忘记吃药? Really damn kam gong. We know PAP nowsaday si beh YaYa PAPaya lah but this time is really overboard liao. 没有理由苯到这样离谱 leh!

Then hor, if this one come from the mouth of one of the new bird MP hor, it's because 家里小孩没有教好. But then this one is Lao Goh ownself say one. Wah piangz... simi dai chee? Arh juar ar nee kuan? 打自己嘴巴也就算了, 做么拿槌子出来?

I anyhow gasak here lah but I think our friend Lao Goh hor, still feeling du lan over the Potong Pasir sabo? Imagine he must be thinking, "Nah beh... 叫 lim peh 去 Potong Pasir 吃大便? If Potong Pasir die die must win, 为什么不叫自己 Lao Peh 出来站? Nairmind, Lim peh take GRC Story to return favour. 大不了大家一起 kam lan." *

* This one is fictitious lah. If suay suay same as the truth hor, coincidence lah. Really! Swear!

This one reminded me of a story that many many people tell me last time when Lao Goh was still PM. They say PAP inside already split into 2 factions. One for the 太子, the other is against. However, the side against 太子 don't dare to do anything coz Lao Peh still around and despite retiring from the front, still wield a lot of power at the back. So everybody on the surface still support support a bit.

Perhaps due to modern advances in medicinal science, Lao Peh still strong and healthy till this very day. As a result, many decided to just retire as a less pek chek option.

Word has it last time that President Ah Ong was one of those in the opposing faction which as a result of repercussion, die already also no Gahmen Dong Dong Chiang. His Ah Nair predecessor, despite being an alcoholic-nurse-groping-chee-ko-pek, still got something when he died. Ah Ong leh? Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

But hor, I say again, all these I hear people say one. Not I say one hor. Also I believe, I am not the only one to hear these "urban legends" before.

Well, coming back to Lao Goh, this article really came to me as a surprise. All along I thought Lao Goh is on the side of the Peh-Kia team which is why they let him be PM in the interim but now, Lao Goh come out 乱乱讲话 , machiam like he going a bit out of control. Singapore version of Anwar?
Don't know lah. This type of politics all too cheem for me. I just average joe on the street. What do I know about Gahmen anyway?

Disclaimer: Yah lah. Lim peh is kiasi, can? Everything above all hear people say one. The rest also I gasak gasak out loud one. Don't come my house to butter my backside hor. Behind still virgin. Thank you.
- Voxeros

1. sunflower left...
Monday, 3 July 2006 7:36 pm
ai si lor, you better clean backside and wait ok.
*scare* *scare*

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 3 July 2006 9:16 pm :: 
sunflower: iScared.

3. Zhe Bin left...
Friday, 7 July 2006 3:48 am
Haha despite the uScared hor, I think every time you guys (bloggers) talk politics hor, it gives me a lot of new insights I never would have thought so myself. So many fresh ideas. Maybe most of us youngsters really kena brainwashed too much liao.

4. JayWalk left...
Friday, 7 July 2006 3:20 pm :: 
Zhebin: All these so-called conspiracy theories hor, I also hear people say one. Interesting right?

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