14 June 2007

Connie Talbot

Got this YouTube clip from mrbrown and he was saying how the singing made him teared. Initially, I thought he was being drama mama about it until I watched the clip for myself.

Aiyoh..... really can cry (well... almost) and I don't mean it in the negative sense.

I was also amazed that despite her chwee kee lao hong, she still able to sing so well.

Mark my words, we will definitely be hearing her in the future.

It was by far the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. For the first time, I was actually moved by someone's singing.

In a nutshell, I was blown away.

- Voxeros

1. Pam left...
Thursday, 14 June 2007 7:25 pm
thank you for putting this up - I'd just missed it by a minute because we got home late on Monday. She's fab. I teared. on the other hand, you should see the others.......! makes one cringe....:)

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 14 June 2007 8:21 pm :: 
Pam: You are most welcome. Good thing must share share mah..... :)

3. carbimazole left...
Thursday, 14 June 2007 9:35 pm
such an angelic voice...

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 14 June 2007 11:30 pm :: 
hiaoauntie: Indeed. Her singing for so fabulous that the song felt like it came to life. I could feel the emotions. It got me listening with both my ears and my heart. Unbelievable.

5. Jaslyn left...
Friday, 15 June 2007 3:06 am :: - watch this :)

6. JayWalk left...
Friday, 15 June 2007 7:56 am :: 
Jaslyn: Quite good too but I would still put Paul in second place albeit a close second.

7. Pam left...
Friday, 15 June 2007 4:01 pm
Paul Potts (the previous link) is fantastic. He sang 'time to say goodbye' last night and got into the finals (and made half the audience cry).

8. JayWalk left...
Monday, 18 June 2007 11:33 am :: 
Pam: Here's the secret. We are all suckers for the "underdog". An ordinary looking person with an ordinary job, leading an ordinary life. Isn't that what we are all going through now? We are able to relate to Paul Potts and it is this endearing factor that made him popular.

Where credit is due. Yes. He is good. It looked even a bigger victory if one has to start the race a few rungs behind.

We are definitely going to be more impressed with a student from Boon Lay Secondary Normal Steam achieving 10 A1s in the O-Levels than an RGS girl pulling the same results.

In a way, we are him and we are all trying to live out this fantasy of catching the "BIG BREAK" through him.

Paul Potts not only brought us opera. He brought us hope as well.

9. slurp! left...
Monday, 18 June 2007 11:45 pm ::
imho, i think Connie Talbot surprised many as nobody expects a child to sing with such emotion. However, a child is still a child, nevertheless she shows great potential!! proper nurturing could turn her to another Charlotte Church or Hayley Westenra?

Paul Potts vocal power is awesome & he sang with such deep emotion.

10. aloe left...
Tuesday, 19 June 2007 9:20 am ::
your link brought me to the one for "Am3rica g0t Ta1ent" and the winner is an 11year old gal who sang too maturedly for my taste. However, these competitions do seem to show that quite a number of kids can dance (re: breakdancing kid) or sing very well! I just wonder if it's natural and if it's really their interest, or they are trained to do all these by their families...

11. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 19 June 2007 3:30 pm :: 
Slurp: I saw Connie Talbot again in the semi-finals as well as the finals and I felt that she didn't do as well. It no longer matter by then as the audience were already hooked, line and sinker.

Paul Potts, on the other hand, seemed to have gone from strength to strength while Connie Talbot's chest of secret weapons have more or less run out already.

I am switching my vote to Paul Potts.

Aloe: I guess one of the appealing factor of Connie Talbot was the purity of her innocence. A rarity in this day and age.

12. Pam left...
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 11:04 pm
well, you can be cynical, analytical, whatever... (in your old dotage, I give you that!! :))... but Paul was very good. And we were very impressed. We would buy his CD if he releases one.

13. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 21 June 2007 8:49 am :: 
Pam: Old dotage your head lah!! *bish*

Like I said in my later comment, I felt that Paul Potts deserves to win more than Connie Talbot for the fact that the latter wasn't able to raise her game to the next level whereas Paul Potts has gone from strength to strength as he advanced.

14. Pelicanbrief76 left...
Wednesday, 12 September 2007 9:56 pm
The first time i saw connie singing at BGT by accidentally surfing at youtube, i'm really amazed the way she delivered the song. Definitely she's the next best thing in the music industry.

15. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 13 September 2007 9:49 am :: 
Pelican: I just hope that her parents nurture her talent properly and not see her as a money tree. Btw, BGT winner Paul Potts recently came down to HK to promote his debut album.

16. charlie3 left...
Saturday, 3 November 2007 3:27 am
Connie got a record deal. There a new video on youtube of her singing in the studio. Go to and search on connie talbot and there are 4 tracks from the album there. "I will always love you" the Whitney Houston song is my favorite of the bunch.

17. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 3 November 2007 4:18 pm :: 
Charlie3: Welcome to the blog and thanks for the update. I hope that Connie's parents will not let fame and greed get to their heads and fail to nurture this little girl properly. She has a great future ahead of her. Let's hope that this talent don't go to waste as a result of bad handling.

We have had too many cases of child celebrities growing up all haywired.

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