08 June 2007

SpitLand Screws Flickr

This started yesterday when my Flickr images started to disappear. I did the usual troubleshooting steps like clearing the cache, check firewall settings, check if browser is blocking image loading from Flickr. I even tried different browsers, proxies but to no avail. A check with friends in Malaysia and Singapore, both sides reported nothing amiss. I went home and tried to access from my home computer and alas same problem with that in the office.

I can only conclude that the Spitland gahmen is locking down the images even though I can access Flickr. Just not the images.

So essentially right now, I am flying blind. Like a blind-folded Shogun killing all the ninja assassins in the room. Use the Force, Luke! Ok ok... iDrama.

It got me thinking why the sudden lock down. Usually lock down occurs when there is something big happening like last year's Nat10nal Pe0p1e's C0ngr3ss AGM. Then it dawned on me. We just recently passed the anniversary of a certain event where troops and tanks were deployed in a certain Square to quash civilian protestors. Perhaps this embargo is to prevent circulation of photos?

Anyway, everything is just speculation on my part.

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal in a couple of days.

p.s. My internet at home is down since last night though I suspect that it is mere coincidence.

- Voxeros

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