04 June 2007

Grandpa's Thermometer

This may look like a dirty old room thermometer but I am sure that when my two cousins who are reading this right now, would know where this came from or at the very least find it familiar.

This is the room thermometer that sat in my grandfather's room when he was still alive. It has been there since my cousins and I were kids. It wasn't brand new when I first saw this during one of my many summer holidays in Taipei. That means that this thermometer is easily 50 years old or even more. I won't be surprised if this was Pre-World War II?

Anyway, this thermometer has been with me since my Grandpa's funeral in the early 90s. He passed away at the age of 93 and I swiped this from his room as a keepsake to remember him by when I brought it back with me to Singapore.

Now, it is safely with me in Spitland. It would be interesting to see a few more years down the road when I can show this off to my family and friends that I am in possession of a 100-year old room thermometer. How cool is that?

The aftermath of the funeral back then was pretty ugly. You guessed it, uncles and aunts fighting, quarreling and arguing over the inheritance.

I think I got the best prize of them all. This little room thermometer. It may worth nothing in the monetary sense but it meant the world to me.

Nevermind that I had to steal it but heck, nobody noticed it anyway and would probably end out in the trash, had I not taken it.

Well, there are 2 things that I nicked during the passing of my grandpa and this is one of them. Let me see if I can find the other one, for I can't remember if I brought it up with me to Spitland or I left it back in Singapore.

Give me a day to go look for it.

- Voxeros

1. aGentX left...
Tuesday, 5 June 2007 6:21 am ::
I remembered that my family has the same when I was a very little boy.
It was always there, at a wall somewhere and I guessed nobody noticed when it was gone - seeing that picture invoked many childhood images...thanks.

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 5 June 2007 10:28 am :: 
aGentX: Welcome back. I guess my point that I was trying to drive across is that do not underestimate the value of anything even if it look mundane and/or humble. For all you know, a great unquantifiable value lies underneath. The same goes for people as well.

3. Everton left...
Saturday, 9 June 2007 7:23 am
That thermometer is at least 50 years old for sure and has a lot sentimental values. Please take good care of it.

4. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 9 June 2007 3:06 pm :: 
Everton: You remember seeing this when you were a kid too?

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