13 June 2007

No. 169 Chung King North Road Section 3


Ok, I am still flying blind with this Flickr thing but strangely I am able to view the pictures if I use my mobile phone's browser via GPRS. Arrghhh... this is super frustrating!

Give me back my Flickr, you bladdy Spitland Internet Gestapo!

Anyway, if you recall my earlier entry where I mentioned that I nicked two items from my Grandpa's house during his funeral, one of which being the thermometer, which after verification from my cousin, is confirmed to be more than 50 years old.

Well, the other item was this metal plate that was supposed to be pasted on our front door for postal identification. We own the four floors where 1st Floor was rented out as shop space. 2nd floor was where my grandparents sleeps as well as a living room plus a home office. 3rd floor is where the rest of us sleeps cum dining room and kitchen. 4th floor is an empty space with an praying altar and a ping pong table. Because of the vast space on that floor, it naturally became our default play area. Above the 4th floor is the roof top were we hang our washings to dry. Since all the buildings were connected, we were able to climb over to the next building from the roof top.

There were a lot of memories when I returned to the house during my Grandpa's passing. I can still see the stickers that were pasted, when we were kids, all over the book cabinet as well as the rubber DaTung American Football Doll coin bank.

All these reminiscing got me map googling the house and here they are below (Click to enlarge).

No. 169 Chung King North Road Section 3 - Satellite

No. 169 Chung King North Road Section 3 - Map

I am not exactly sure of the location of the house from the satellite photos as I suspect it could also be the house diagonally opposite.

I wonder if my cousins can verify this?

- Voxeros

1. ianrush left...
Sunday, 17 June 2007 9:04 am
to be honest, i'm not 100% sure myself. can you re-direct me to the original map? need to enlarge the map to take a closer look. : )

2. Everton left...
Sunday, 17 June 2007 10:46 pm
The satellite photo missed the location by one block. It should be the block situated on the corner of the intersection between Chung King North Rd and Ming Chu West Rd.

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 18 June 2007 11:23 am :: 
ianrush: Just go to and type in Chung King North Road in traditional ch1nese characters.

everton: I think you are looking at the wrong arrow. You should not be looking at the arrow pointed by the white dialogue bubble. Instead, you should look at the arrow of the yellow peg.

I am aware that our house is at the junction between Chung King North Road Section 3 and Ming Chu West Road. But diagonally across from the yellow peg is also considered at the junction. So which side are we?

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