18 July 2007

Blue Algae Blues

While we are on the topic of the sorry state of rivers and lakes in Spitland as per yesterday's entry, let me take you to Wux1 where the crisis is even more severe. While WuHàn's problem only threatened the local marine life (can you use the word "marine" since it is fresh water and not sea water?), Wux1's problem has escalated all the way to threatening human existence.

Ok, Ok, not like people are dying or going to die but at the very least we have already taken that alarming first step towards it already. Not good.

The growth spike of the blue algae is a combination of polluted waste discharges into the lake and coupled with the strong summer weather. While blue algae itself is not harmful except that it starves the water of oxygen, it is only when the algae dies that the problem starts. Dead blue algae is toxic and smells of dead rotten corpse. This is when the water becomes unfit for human consumption. You can't even use the water to wash, let alone drink.

Sure, the local gahmen may have announced that the water crisis has been averted and that the water is now safe to drink, the known fact that the local gahmen has all along been a corrupt one seems to have shot all their credibility to bits.

Suuure it's safe. Riiiight...... let's see you drink it then, shall we?
The clip above tells of the current Wux1 situation with a little coverage at the back on the recent X1amen PX protest. (Read here for my earlier coverage)

Anyway (note how often the female narrator says AIR-NEE-WAY?), I shan't talk about the X1amen incident as that was over and done with. It was a victory for the people and the good news is that the central gahmen does listen to the people, but only if the people can get pass the suppression of the local gahmens. Still, with the central gahmen starting to sit up and take notice of the alarming increase of protests by their people against the corrupt local gahmens, you can be assured that cleaning up is in progress. It may be slow but at least it is moving in the right direction.

For that I salute the leaderships of Wen and Hu.

Related News: China Daily (14 Jul 2007) - Official Warns Of Major Algae Outbreak

- Voxeros

1. slurp! left...
Tuesday, 24 July 2007 1:15 am
Terrible! i hope they find solutions for these environment & corruption issues soon

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 24 July 2007 10:43 am :: 
Slurp!: Oh they are as we are reading busting cases on the papers pretty often. However, given the sheer number of cases out there, it is going to take a while to get them all resolved.

Only question is "a while" means how long?

Nobody knows, unfortunately.

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