17 July 2007

What The Fish?

How's this get you to sit up and take a closer look?

This picture was taken in WuHàn where there was an illegal discharge of toxic waste, usually by factories up-river using heavy rain as a camouflage cover. With the hot summer months, it catalyses into a growth explosion of blue-green algae. As a result, 100,000 kg of fishes died of oxygen starvation. Due to the toxic nature of the polluted water, the dead fish aren't fit for human consumption either.

Environmental disasters is common fare on the news these days in Spitland but only because the respective local gahmens (read: Town and City councils) are no longer able to cover that it blew up into the open.
Something like shit hitting the ceiling fan.

Once there is public attention, the central gahmen (Read: Beij1ng) also no longer able to act blur and thus need to take action according to the book.

Thereafter, we then have news of officials sacked from their positions, stripped of their party membership, jailed and/or even given the death sentence.

Problem is that for every big disaster uncovered, there are possibly another 10 remained hushed up. The consolation is that the central gahmen is indeed doing something about it albeit not as quickly as we would have wished. However, given the magnitude of the proliferation of the current number of environmental time bombs, this is as fast as the central gahmen can act.

Fingers crossed.

Image Credits:

- Voxeros

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