20 July 2007

Recycle vs Recycle

Spitland has been recently commended for their efforts in recycling paper and successfully stemming the depletion of trees for paper.

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While the Spitlanders are to be applauded, there is a bunch of unscrupulous people taking "recycling" a step too far and risking the lives of their fellow countrymen. All for the greed to make money.

These bastards are going to burn in hell.

I am referring to the recent exposé of mixing cardboard into the filling of buns. Mind you, these are cardboards that were picked off the streets. I suspect is these guys got the street bums/beggars/garang guni men to bring them the cardboard from the garbage and then paying them by the kg. Next step in the recipe is to soak them in industrial caustic soda (also known as Sodium Hydroxide NaOH) to accelerate the decomposition i.e. softening of the cardboard, which is toxic to the human body.

A formula of 60% cardboard and 40% fatty meat is then mixed together to be the filling for the buns before going into the steamer.

What pisses me off was the manufacturer's comment where he said he wouldn't eat them. This comes to show that he is aware that the buns are not fit for human consumption and yet he was selling them to the unsuspecting public?

According to R3gular, this has been going on for years (I can't verify this though) and I wonder how many lives have been lost from this?


Has this guy no conscience? These idiots ought to be shot. I'll pay for the bullets.

Check out the video clip here (Microsoft Internet Explorer only. Firefox not supported)



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Afternote: As it turned out, the above report was a fake. The whole story was staged by a reporter (perhaps for the sake of boosting TV ratings?). As if things aren't bad enough already as Spitland as been reeling from a recent spates of tainted food incidents and now we have a dishonest journalist sparking a public panic with a stunt like this.

Well, good news is that this reporter together with a few other collaborators have been arrested and will be charged in court soon. I think a prison sentence is unavoidable. Only a matter of how long.

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- Voxeros

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