23 August 2007

Maximise Your Potential Ceremony - 08 Sep 2007

As I have mentioned in my previous entry (or rather Adrian's update), this year's MYP Ceremony is just round the corner where we disburse this year's financial assistance to qualified students of the Geylang Methodist Primary School.

I am going to miss the event again for obvious reasons but that does not stop me from encouraging the rest of you to attend. It will be an eye opener to how, despite the tiny scale of our operations, we are able to make a difference in some of their lives.

We have had cases like where a primary school kid had to quit school not only because he doesn't have money to afford school (e.g. school uniforms, textbook, stationery, etc) but he is also need to go out there to work to bring food back onto the family table. Child to a single mother who, as fate would have it, is mentally unstable.*

Perhaps some of you couldn't even imagine this scenario beyond your imagination, while the rest are familiar or worse, have been through it already or are going through it right now.

Yes, what we have done, are doing and will be doing is really really small but it is just as gratifying if we are able to keep even 1 kid in school. The more education a kid has, the likelier he is to do something useful for the society as well as for himself in the future.

It is all about the future. To all the kids we are helping, we hope that they succeed.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all interested parties to come to the ceremony and witness this occasion first hand. As small and insignificant this event may be, it would be a pretty significant milestone in the kids' lives and we hope to share this joy with everyone.

Do come on down. We welcome all, not just the contributors. Come and understand and learn first hand what we are doing. Hopefully, from there we can inspire you to be involved or even you spinning off your very own version of the RFF.

Every bit of help counts.

8th September (Saturday)

10 am
Geylang Methodist Primary School Conference Room (Level 3)

Pls drop me a sms / email to confirm your attendance as we need to cater refreshments.

* accuracy needs to be verified with Adrian.

- Voxeros

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