29 August 2007

The Real vs Fake Of Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 of 2


As we continue from yesterday, there was also a marked difference between the two books. The real Rowling version stuck very close to the fact that it is ultimately still a children's book and as such, the content was kept squeaky clean. Perhaps the kiss between Harry and Ginny at the Yule Ball (HP6) is as good as it is going to get.
Not so for the fake version for snogging is a word frequently found. There were a lot of holding hands until I found the description of "sliding hand into hand and give a reassuring squeeze" repeated a little bit too often (OK! I get it already!!!).

Hmm.... I believe even the word "petting" was used somewhere in the book but fortunately/unfortunately, there was no graphic description for after all, this isn't Harold Robbins nor Sidney Sheldon. Also, may I remind you that this is a children young adult book?

Anyway, towards the end, Harry finally did it. Popped the cherry, did the deed, enter the den, penetrated the fortress, ok ok... you get the drift.

BUT, here's the thing.

In the earlier part of the book, Harry celebrated his come-of-age i.e. 17 and since Ginny is not the same year as Harry i.e. younger and more importantly, NOT-of-age, then did Harry Potter just had sex with a minor?
Is that not statutory rape?

Eh, like that means confirm kena rotan liao!! No?

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