20 August 2007

RunForFunds 2007 - August Update

I guess my efforts of bugging Adrian to update on RFF has finally paid off as we have an August Update below.

While we haven't heard from Adrian for quite a while, I think a surface to the air from time to time is good for everybody and also to tell everyone we have not been dormant. RFF has always been active, quietly chugging along in the background.

Anyway, below is his update for everybody and we will be posting more as we approaches the Stanchart Marathon again.

Hi all,

This year, we will have a combined Maximise Your Potential (MYP) Ceremony for Geylang Methodist Primary School (GMPS) and Secondary School (GMSS).

Date: 8th September (Saturday)

Time: 10 am

Venue: Geylang Methodist Primary School conference room (level 3)

It would be great if you could come and meet the kids you've sponsored. Some of them have been on the MYP scheme for 4 years already !!

Pls drop me a sms / email to confirm your attendance as we need to cater refreshments.

Below is a quick update on RFF.



1. RFF accounts

As we did not raise funds during last year's Stanchart marathon, there was no fund influx. Year to date, there are also no expenses (I'll explain this later).

Hence available funds: $53,103.11 (as per Nov 06 closing accounts).

2.  RFF's impact @ Geylang East Home For The Aged

The economy has done well in the past 2 years. Singaporeans are more willing to part with their money to help the less fortunate. You'd recall RFF sponsored 8 medical beds for Geylang East Home for the aged in September 2005. I've kept in touch with the home in the past 2 years. Other generous Singaporeans have seen what RFF has done for 1 ward of the home and have replicated it.

I am pleased to inform you that the home now has all medical beds.

RFF has provided a seed to evoke bigger improvements in the lives of the less fortunate by setting an example for others to follow.

3.  Using RFF funds in 2007

As stated in the previous paragraph, due to the stellar performance of Singapore's economy, charity organizations have access to easy money from generous donors. Hence there are many organizations I've approached that never reverted. Quite frustrating to be honest.

One of them is my alma mater: Chemical Engineering department @ NUS.

I wrote to the head of department 3 times over 1 month to ask how I can help financially disadvantaged students.

No response.

So we'll focus on organizations that are willing to work with RFF:

1.  Geylang Methodist Primary School
2.  Geyland Methodist Secondary School
3.  Djoy Childcare Centre (@ Jalan Besar)
4.  SMU School Of Business

I'll keep you guys posted on my discussions with these organizations in due course.

4.  Stanchart Marathon 2007 (2nd December, Sunday)

I will be running 42 km again this year. Think my knees can still hold up. (Will be attempting the 21km army half marathon this Sunday, 26th Aug…. Wish me luck).

Those of you planning to take part in the Stanchart run, pls register early.

I believe the registration will close early due to an overwhelming response.

Train for the event. It is worth it.

- Voxeros

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